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Lyriana Gel, Sexual Enhancement Product for Women

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  • Lyriana Gel, Sexual Enhancement Product for Women

Lyriana Gel, Sexual Enhancement Product for Women

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Lyriana: Better Sex Through Science

Are you tired of sexual pills, oils and ointments that claim to improve the sexual experience but are really just over priced lubrication? Lyriana has been clinically tested and was awarded a world wide patent for its effect on the female sexual experience. If you are serious about improving your sex life, you need not look any further than Lyriana: the world's most powerful sexual enhancement product designed specifically for women.

Make sex better.. a lot better

Once applied Lyriana's patented formula causes a rush of blood to the vagina. This increased blood flow exposes tiny nerve endings improving sensitivity. With this new heightened sensitivity sexual activity takes on a whole new level of excitement making it easier to orgasm, naturally improves lubrication and unleashes the desire for more.

Increase your desire to have sex

It is very common that women lose their interest in sex at some point in their lives. This loss of sex drive can be caused by a number of different reasons. Lyriana helps restore and improve libido through its ability to greatly enhance the sexual experience.

What Makes Lyriana Unique?

No pills, no hormones, no irritating oils. The majority of female libido products sold today are comprised of either irritating oils or unproven L-Arganine and as a result most fail to really impact your sex drive in the short term and have virtually no long term results. Lyriana is different - the world-wide patented formula is amazingly effective at increasing sensitivity, lubrication and that "rip-his-clothes off" feeling. Lyriana is safe for use with Latex condoms and has been clinically tested for safety, irritation and effectiveness all without any irritating oils or hormones.

Lyriana and Female Sexual Disorder (FSD)

With the majority of women reporting that they have either experienced some kind of difficulty with sex in their life, or already have satisfying sex lives but still want to improve sex with easier and more frequent orgasms, it comes to no surprise that many are seeking answers to questions regarding their sexual health. Questions like: What exactly is Female Sexual Dysfunction of FSD? What symptoms are most common with FSD? How can I enhance clitoral stimulation? What can I do to orgasm more frequently? And what can be done to help boost the libido and enhance sexual responses? For the answers to these questions, look no further!

What is Lyriana?

Lyriana is a topical gel that contains 100% all-natural ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance the sexual health of a woman's libido or desire. This patented arousal gel is designed to be gently massaged onto the clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening during foreplay or during manual stimulation. Once absorbed, the active ingredient Visnadin stimulates the blood flow, causing a warm smoothing sensation throughout the vagina. Lyriana is discreet and easy to use. It effectively helps increase women's sexual pleasure, including women who have arousal difficulties, are suffering sexual side effects from antidepressant medications or birth control, or simply just want to enhance their already satisfying sex life.