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Super Shiitake Mushroom, 120 Tablets, From Maitake
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  • Super Shiitake Mushroom, 120 Tablets, From Maitake

Super Shiitake Mushroom, 120 Tablets, From Maitake

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With D fraction Shitake mushroom, very popular worldwide as an edible mushroom, has history dating as far back as the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in China. It was said to boost chi (or qi) within the body's blood circulation and liver function, and enhance immune activity.

Super Shitake is a full-spectrum product processed with both quality extract and fruit body of Lentinus edodes, enhancing its power with Maitake D-fraction and its bioavailability with bioperine. This product does not contain any mycelium and grain mixture.

More than 800 years ago Chinese people have invented how to grow Shiitake mushrooms. It was the first artificial cultivation of mushrooms in human history. Since then Shiitake has been the most popular edible mushroom in Asian countries, particularly in Japan and China.

Beyond its nice taste and flavor it delivers various medicinal benefits. Many studies support that it helps maintain healthy immune system, healthy cholesterol profiles and healthy blood pressure levels.

Super Shiitake contains both the whole fruit body of Royal Agaricus and its high-quality extract.

Also super shiitake contains an extract of Maitake D-fraction (TD-Fraction) and Bioperine. Maitake D-fraction is extremely potent in maintaining healthy immune functioning. Bioperine is a pure piperine extract obtained from black pepper fruits which significantly enhances the bioavailability of various nutrients.

SHIITAKE Lentinus edodes

1. Shiitake derives its name from the Shii tree (chinquapin) and is the common name for Lentinus edodes in Japan.

2. Two different extracts are derived from Shiitake; Lentinan and LEM. Lentinan is one of three mushroom-based anti-cancer drugs approved by the FDA in Japan.. Both exhibit strong immune responses and have been extensively studied for use with cancers and viral infections.

3. Shiitake contains a variety of constituents that have demonstrated a range of actions, including immune modulation, anti-tumor, liver protecting, cholesterol lowering, anti-viral and blood pressure lowering.

4. Shiitake extract is also a potent anti-fungal agent, effective against candida albicans. MUSHROOM WISDOM products are all full-spectrum products processed with both quality extract and fruit body of medicinal mushrooms. Their healing power is enhanced by the addition of Maitake D-fraction, the FDA approved standardized extract (IND #54,589), and the bioavailability is increased by BIOPERINE.

These unique products do NOT contain ANY mycelium and grain mixture like other mushroom products on the market which may contain significant amount of corn, rice, bran, red rice, etc. together with mushroom mycelium. A hundred percent of active ingredients are the actual fruit body of the mushroom and high concentrate of its extract.