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ME 36 Vigor, 5 Capsules, ME-36 Vigor

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  • ME 36 Vigor, 5 Capsules, ME-36 Vigor

ME 36 Vigor, 5 Capsules, ME-36 Vigor

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ME-36 Significant Male Enlargement A manís penis is like his pirateís sword. Whether you are yielding a sturdy, tried and true sword or an impenetrable, flimsy toy doesnít matter, because we all want to be commanders of our craft. Men, if we are all pirates then the women are the keepers of the treasure. When your sword canít be taken from its sheath, when there isnít enough power to penetrate deep for the buried treasure the lonely plank is all that is left for you. The treasure needs to be found- yearns to be found- and itís up to your skill and force to take it. Even if you have already found your treasure, there is always room to increase satisfaction by improving your strength, size, and hardness of steel. Your swashbuckling mojo shouldnít be lost in a sea of erectile dysfunction, weak ejaculations, and diminished libido. Mates, ME 36 is the way to help give your penis the length, power, girth, and ejaculation. It is specially formulated to rock your partnerís world with increased pleasure and hot, erotic bliss.
  • ME36 Helps make sex enjoyable again
  • ME36 gives Rock-hard satisfaction in minutes
  • ME36 Improves libido functioning and stamina
  • ME 36 Vigor ME36HR is designed to pump up your penis in under an hour and give you increased stamina and sexual vigor for up to 36 hours. The proprietary blend of ingredients in ME 36 helps to increase blood flow to the penis, giving you and your partner extreme orgasms and powerful loads of cum. It helps increase sperm potency, taste, and amount when you need it most. Because of the focus and concentration it helps you acquire, you will be more likely to last longer without ejaculating, keep your erection after orgasm, and be more apt to fully satisfy her needs.
  • Satisfy both you and your partners needs
  • Focus your energy without distractions
  • Increase sperm productivity
  • Last longer without ejaculation
  • ME36HR contains a complex of natural ingredients that are synthesized by your body before beginning sexual intercourse. The mixture of Muira Puama, Tongkat Ali, Epimedium, Zinc, Rou Gui, and l-Arginine. By working together this mixture helps spring the libido into action and aids in prolonging the feeling for up to 36 hours. Muira Puama is an herb, which acts a natural aphrodisiac to aid in fueling sexual dreams, desires, and determination. It does this by relaxing the soft tissue (corpus cavernosa) of the penis for extra gains in girth and hardness. Next, the Epimedium (Horny goat weed) lowers cortisol levels in the blood, thus lowering stress and making erections happen faster and powerfully. As the Muria Puma and Epimedium extracts kick into play, they start setting up l-Arginine to help engorge the penis with massive blood inflow by helping increase nitric oxide content in the blood. Zinc, a mineral supplement and catalyst for producing testosterone, begins to help sperm mobility with powerful, exciting blasts of pleasure during sex. Other ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Rou Gui bolster the effectiveness of these important proprietary ingredients by helping synthesize reactions on a molecular level.