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Sera-Pharma cliniCAL AM/PM, 60 Capsules, By MHP

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  • Sera-Pharma cliniCAL AM/PM, 60 Capsules, By MHP

Sera-Pharma cliniCAL AM/PM, 60 Capsules, By MHP

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cliniCAL's scientifically advanced AM/PM formulation promotes amazing slimming and beautifying effects. This breakthrough formula is backed by clinical research with proven and scientifically tested efficacy for weight management. cliniCAL's AM/PM design dresses key weight management factors throughout the day and during the night while you are asleep.

A primary mode of action of the multi-functional AM formula is to inhibit glucose absorption and increase fat release from adipose tissue. These mechanisms of action reduce unsightly fat deposits both safely and effectively to tone and sculpt your body. Another tremendous functional benefit of cliniCAL's AM Formula is that it provides a sustained energy boost to help you get through your busy day and still have energy to exercise.

cliniCAL's PM Formula addresses the importance of sleep for optimal weight loss. Groundbreaking scientific studies have proven that sleep deprivation is a common cause of weight gain.This unwanted increase in body fat occurs because lack of quality sleep slows the metabolism and increases the production of cortisol, a well-known trigger for fat gain. cliniCAL's nighttime sleep and restoration complex is designed to help ensure a good night's sleep for optimal hormonal regulation, improved metabolic functions and total body rejuvenation. Other ingredients in cliniCAL's PM Formula reduce water weight, water retention and bloating to provide an instant slimming effect.Wake up feeling thin and refreshed to take on every day with great energy and successful weight loss with cliniCAL.