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NO-Bomb, 96 Capsules, NO Bomb, By MHP

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  • NO-Bomb, 96 Capsules, NO Bomb, By MHP

NO-Bomb, 96 Capsules, NO Bomb, By MHP

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NO-Bomb 96 Capsules MHP NO-BOMB is the World's First Clinically Tested NO Formula! NO-Bomb 96 Capsules Prepare to go Nuclear. The Nitric Oxide War Is Over! NO-BOMB Nukes The Competition!

The New Age of Nitric Oxide for the Guaranteed Best PUMP ever! Welcome to the new age in nitric oxide for the greatest pumps and best workouts of your life! When taken pre-workout at the clinical dose, NO Bomb revolutionary formula is certain to maximize your workouts and deliver amazing muscle pumps. NO-Bomb also provides numerous post-workout benefits including improved recovery and delivery of critical nutrients to muscle tissue to support muscle growth.

NO-BOMB is the biggest breakthrough ever in pump-maximizing nitric oxide supplementation. MHP scientists have raised the bar with the development of NO-BOMB, the first-ever formula to use a full Sigma-tau certified clinical dose of the patented pharmaceutical compound GlycoCarn (GPLC). At the clinically dosed 4.5 grams, GlycoCarn has been confirmed to be far superior to arginine and AAKG in boosting nitric oxide levels to help trigger greater pumps and muscle growth. To maximize the incredible muscle tissue-expanding effects of GlycoCarn, NO-BOMB also contains exclusive advanced Nitric Oxide Sustaining Agents (NOSA) such as specialized PDE-5 inhibitors to keep you pumped up for hours!

NO-Bomb 96 Capsules NO-BOMB goes even further to ramp up unprecedented muscle fiber-tearing pumps by introducing another major breakthrough in nitric oxide with its KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology. The revolutionary KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology utilizes bioactive nitrates and nitrites to trigger a newly discovered nitric oxide pathway to provide even greater vasodilation and fuller muscle pumps. These bioactives also have the unique ability to recycle back into nitric oxide, which sustains fiber-stretching muscle pumps far greater and longer than the arginine NOS pathway.

NO-BOMB is the ultimate performance-enhancing nitric oxide supplement. NO-Bomb 96 Capsules vNO-BOMB ignites numerous incredible muscle-building and performance-boosting benefits, including buffering lactic acid for increased muscular endurance, powerful antioxidant properties for improved recovery and amplified fatty acid metabolism for increased energy and fat burning. Never before has one formula been able to deliver all of these clinically supported bodybuilding benefits. Take your pumps, muscular growth and workout performance to a whole new level with the most advanced clinically researched nitric oxide formula ever created – NO-BOMB!

The Science Behind NO- BOMB: MHP Scientists have raised the bar on clinically tested efficacy in the development of NO-BOMB, the first ever fromula to use a Sigma-tau certified full clinical dose of the patented biochemically modified pharmaceutical compound GlyoCarn. At the clinically dosed 4.5 grams, this compound has been shown to be far superior to arginine and AAKG in boosting nitric oxide levels to help trigger far greater pumps and muscle growth. In addition to its superior No-boosting effects, GlycoCarn also has many other benefits including buffering lactic acid for icnreased endurance, powerful antioxidant properties for improved recovery and increased fatty acid metabolism for increased energy and fat burning.

NO-Bomb 96 Capsules Guaranteed Biggest Muscle Pump Ever! The World’s First Clinically Dosed Nitric Oxide with GPLC NO-BOMB’s revolutionary dual action clinically dosed GlycoCarn/KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology combo produces powerful synergistic nitric oxide effects far beyond any supplement available ever before.


GlycoCarn (glycine propionyl-L-carnitine, or GPLC) is a patented biochemically modified pharmaceutical compound created by Sigma-tau Health Sciences. GlycoCarn has been extensively researched for performance-enhancing benefits and has been proven in scientific studies to promote increased vasodilation, improved muscle pumps and performance, enhanced recovery, lactic acid removal, increased fat burning and added energy for workouts. It also has strong antioxidant benefits and is active in the body for extended periods for improved athletic performance. GPLC has been shown in human research to be more effective than other nitric oxide precursors and its 4.5 gram oral dosing increases NOx levels in the body more than 30 grams arginine administered intravenously.


The faster worked muscles are once again ready to train to their capacity (muscle recovery), the faster the entire body experiences an adaptation to its increased capacity for work. GlycoCarn aids in muscle recovery through its antioxidant properties. As the only nutritional ingredient tested in human, double blind USA university trials to raise levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body, studies indicate that GPLC may affect the removal of metabolic waste produced in the ATP energy cycle (namely lactic acid and carbon dioxide) through this increase of NO in the bloodstream.

In addition to post-workout recovery, an increase in recovery during workout increases endurance and stamina. The antioxidant properties of GlycoCarn facilitate the body in ridding itself of metabolic waste that builds up during exercise, allowing the body to increase its threshold to fatigue time.


Short-term supplementation of GPLC was shown in research studies to produce significant enhancement of anaerobic power during repeated cycle sprints in resistance trained men. The increase in peak power output was accompanied by a significantly lower accumulation of lactate. Free carnitine in the body that’s available as a result of GPLC supplementation reduces serum carnitine deficiencies during intense exercise, which facilitates the production of short chain acylcarnitines as a buffering process that reduces lactate accumulation.


GlycoCarn has been shown by research to be safe and effective as a weight support supplement that not only supports fat metabolism, but also supports increased energy levels. Many weight loss products on the market rely solely on artificial stimulants and diuretics to induce weight loss or the appearance of weight loss. However, GPLC supports a healthy boost of metabolism, as well as an increase in energy levels – two essentials in both dropping weight and fueling you through your workouts!

GlycoCarn amplifies the mobilization of fatty acids (stored energy) into working tissue for cellular metabolism, which creates energy in the ATP or Kreb’s Cycle via the beta oxidation process. When supplemented into the diet for a period of over eight weeks, GPLC has been shown to increase this fat burning process in subjects when combined with aerobic activity.


GlycoCarn possesses the ability to mobilize fatty acids and utilize them for energy. GPLC also enhances active performance at a cellular level, increasing blood flow and increasing nitric oxide (NO) retention. This increases ATP energy and aids in recovery both during and after activity.

In U.S. studies, GPLC remains the only ingredient proven to increases NO levels in the human bloodstream. This increase optimizes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles through vasodilation and increased blood flow, facilitates the body in production of ATP energy and assists in diminishing harmful free radical buildup in the body – essential elements of endurance, stamina and recovery. GlycoCarn fuels your performance, in training and in competition, giving your body the physical ENDURANCE and STAMINA to match your drive.


A significant amount of nitric oxide (NO) production takes place in the body via increased synthesis of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) via the amino acid arginine. Such production of NO increases vasodilation, resulting in enhanced nutrient delivery to muscles and an increased “pump.” Knowledge of this action has resulted in significant supplementation of arginine and AAKG to enhance the production of NO in weightlifters and bodybuilders. The latest research also shows the 4.5 gram clinical dose of GPLC (GlycoCarn, or glycine propionyl-L-carnitine) to increase NO synthase for NO production.

An alternate pathway of NO production without NOS also occurs in the body. Nitrates have been shown to enhance NO production independent of the arginine-dependent NO synthase pathway. Nitrates are typically ingested via dietary fruit and vegetable intake, and then are broken down into nitrites. On their own, nitrates have been shown to decrease whole body consumption of oxygen, due in part to increased vasodilation.

Research on nitrates and nitrites indicate that both compounds enhance NO formation in the body. Nitrites are converted to nitric oxide in the acidic environment of the stomach, as well as in the bloodstream. Nitrites can also be recirculated into the body for later conversion to NO.

The nitrate/nitrite-NO pathway may be viewed as complementary to the classical arginine-NO pathway. These pathways work partly parallel to each other. However, it is important to note that when oxygen availability is reduced and NOS activity is decreased (as during hard anaerobic exercise), nitrite reduction to NO becomes more pronounced. Furthermore, nitrate/nitrite-enduced NO production is enhanced during periods of low body pH levels, such as that which occurs during exhaustive exercise. Finally, the nitrate/nitrite-NO pathway recirculates nitrites in the bloodstream for sustained NO production both during and after workouts.


During MHP research team’s formula development of the cutting edge nitric oxide product NO-BOMB, MHP scientists made a stunning new research breakthrough, which led to the newest NO boosting ingredient breakthrough in history: The Revolutionary KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology. It turns out that the human body has a vitally important alternate NO producing metabolic pathway, in addition to the well known, but typically inadequate Arginine-NOS pathway. This new NO metabolic pathway has the ability to make NO directly from dosage-supplied bioactive nitrates and nitrites. The significance of this new NO synthesis pathway is so significant that a wave of new research is flooding the medical journals about how to use this new NO boosting pathway to create immense vasodilation that will flood your muscles to new levels. The KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology is a potent nitrovasodilator with direct vasodilating action, plus it can quickly be converted to NO to maximize the pool of nitrovasodilating agents.


For years researchers have suspected that an alternate NO synthesis pathway existed because of the individual limitations of boosting NO via the unreliable and often dysfunctional arginine/NOS pathway. The newly discovered nitrate/nitrite pathway of NO production works on its own, and can be superior when the bloodstream and muscle tissue reservoirs of nitrates and nitrites inside the body are loaded. Therefore, the inclusion of KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology into NO-BOMB takes full advantage of this alternate NO production biochemical pathway, in addition to the already proven NO producing power of GlycoCarn. Important aspects of this nitrate/nitrite mediated NO production pathway includes NO production during the most fatiguing and muscle tissue oxygen depleted conditions and for sustained NO production lasting for hours and hours.


In addition to the importance of loading the bloodstream and muscle tissues with nitrates/nitrites as a general rule for sustaining truly perpetual NO production, there are additional significant benefits that take advantage of this new NO production pathway during strenuous training sessions to trigger even greater levels of NO, ensuring maximum vasodilation. Among the other reasons why researchers have determined the arginine/NOS pathway is inadequate, is that it requires oxygen to make NO. So, during your grueling iron pumping resistance training workouts, oxygen depletion occurs and arginine/NOS dependent NO production is reduced because this pathway needs oxygen to produce NO. However, with the new KNO3/Nitrite-NO Technology, NO production is independent of oxygen levels and actually increases NO production when oxygen tissue levels are low, which occurs during resistance training. Furthermore, nitrate/nitrite induced production of NO is also enhanced under the common resistance training caused condition of lower body pH levels. In summary, as your bloodstream and muscles become low in oxygen levels, and acidic (low pH), this actually triggers nitrite to produce even more NO, just when your body needs it to keep your muscle going, fighting fatigue, allowing you to crank out more reps and sets and improving rest between sets.


Improving on the NO boosting power of GlycoCarn and KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology, MHP scientists determined ways of boosting peak NO levels and sustaining NO production for several hours by including certain bio-dynamic NO Sustaining Agents. The NO-Bomb proprietary NOSA blend contains ingredients that function to amplify and support the NO producing metabolic pathways and to prolong the life of NO in the bloodstream and muscle tissues. NOSA ingredients are included that increase endogenous NO production and block substances that breakdown NO.


Even though MHP researchers found the most powerful, clinically researched NO-boosting compound ever developed, to enhance this NO-boosting action, synergistic NO-Sustaining Agents are added for even more explosive effects. While stimulating the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) with NO-BOMB is of paramount significance, maximizing NO production and keeping NO production going are additional physiological goals for reaching maximum NO volume boosting. To synergistically augment NO-BOMB’s primary NO-Boosting effects, the NO Sustaining Agents strategically target certain NO production pathways, enhancing Nitric Oxide Synthase while also squashing the NO Pump-Killer, phosphodiesterase.

Nitric Oxide (NO) exerts a fast-acting inhibitory influence on endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) enzymatic activity, as a negative-feedback regulator of eNOS expression via a cGMP-mediated process. This means that at a certain upper level of NO in the bloodstream, these high levels actually send a signal to turn off NO product as to maintain NO in just a normal narrow physiological blood concentration range. But for greater workouts and greater muscle-building results, you want to shatter these NO boosting limits.

The Nitric Oxide biochemical pathways can be influenced by various biochemicals such as homocysteine, ADMA (asymmetric dimethylarginine), SOA (super oxide anion), SOD (super oxide dimutase) and perhaps the most critical of all, NOS (nitric oxide synthase). The relationship between these biochemicals has a direct influence on the amount nitric oxide that can be manufactured. Including the specialized NO Sustaining Agents will, therefore, help to overcome the negative effects of these biochemicals. This will optimize and prolong NO-Bomb stimulated NO production, attaching higher levels of NO in the bloodstream for longer periods of time to last during the workout cycle -- pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout.


Increased production of nitric oxide for greater muscle-building and performance enhancing effects requires not just NO supplementation, but also sustaining the nitric oxide for greater benefits over longer periods of time. To address this issue, MHP scientists created Nitric Oxide-Sustaining Agents (NOSA).


NitroFolate is a highly metabolically active newly discovered compound, which has the unique ability in the orchestration of nitric oxide production co-factors and complex biochemical pathways to fine-tune the NO-production engine. With NitroFolate added to NO-BOMB, MHP has been able to push nitric oxide production past all previous limits. This allows athletes to harness the full power of NO for immense muscle pumps and to trigger new muscle fiber growth like never before.


To get even greater effects from the extreme NO-boosting power of NO-BOMB, blocking the destruction of NO production is a vital factor. Even with a sustained or extended release delivery, keeping a maximum muscle pump isn’t happening unless you address a relatively unknown compound produced by your own body called phosphodiesterase (PDE-5). This pump-killer reduces the production of NO. However, by adding NO-BOMB’s specialized PDE-5 inhibitors, this will help to prevent the destructive action of PDE-5. Doing so promotes Nitric Oxide Synthase activity and releases of NO into the bloodstream for longer periods of time – to experience the "Real NO-Perpetual Pump”.


AstaGuard, another potent athlete tested NO-BOMB ingredient, provides multiple synergistic benefits via promoting even greater energy, greater fat metabolism, greater antioxidant muscle tissue protection and greater workout recovery. In independent research studies, AstaGuard was reported to produce important physical benefits as determined from clinical trials and laboratory supporting studies. AstaGuard was shown to promote increased endurance, reduced muscle damage and improved lipid metabolism. Increased lipid metabolism allows for the utilization of fat rather than carbohydrate as the main source of energy during strenuous activity. This adds to the overall NO-BOMB Thermogenic Fat-Metabolizing effect of using more fat for energy while helping to spare muscle glycogen.

The mechanism behind muscle endurance is based on several findings. Basically, AstaGuard protected the skeletal muscle from the increased damage of oxidative stress generated by physical activity. Furthermore, AstaGuard was shown in a research study to increase the metabolism of lipids as the main source of energy production by protecting the carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPT I), a key enzyme involved in fatty acid transport into mitochondria. Yet another study with humans found that AstaGuard increased exercise performance, in particular increasing reps. Based on the findings of the research studies, AstaGuard has the ability to help increase fat metabolism and improve strength endurance that may lead to sports performance as well as weight loss. NO-Bomb 96 Capsules