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SarmX, 60 Tablets, Sarm X, Sarm-X, From MHP

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  • SarmX, 60 Tablets, Sarm X, Sarm-X, From MHP

SarmX, 60 Tablets, Sarm X, Sarm-X, From MHP

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SarmX Selective Steroid Receptor Stimulator and More Powerful than Testosterone!

Sarm-X represents the start of a new era in hormone induced hypertrophic muscle growth. Sarm-X is the first of a new class of designer androgenic.anabolic steroid memetic compounds called SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). SARMs are biotechnically engineered to exert powerful androgenic/testosterone effects. With the advent of SARM technically, the scientific community boasts this new class of compounds is capable of superceding the effectiveness of testosterone in producing massive muscle building effects, due to the potent and selective actions specifically engineered for targeting androgenic receptors in muscle tissue and stimulating more rapid muscle growth.

Through the implementation of breakthrough SARM technology, SARM-X offers all bodybuilders, regardless of their genetic predisposition, the potential to experience the single-most intense muscular development ever seen in bodybuilding science. Potent super anabolic stimulation of skeletal muscle is now possible with SARM-X.