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Mid Cycle, Tropical Punch, 21.6 oz, From Fizogen

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  • Mid Cycle, Tropical Punch, 21.6 oz, From Fizogen
  • Mid Cycle, Tropical Punch, 21.6 oz, From Fizogen
  • Mid Cycle, Tropical Punch, 21.6 oz, From Fizogen
  • Mid Cycle, Tropical Punch, 21.6 oz, From Fizogen

Mid Cycle, Tropical Punch, 21.6 oz, From Fizogen

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Fizogen Mid Cycle High Octane Creatine/ Nitric Oxide Fusion

On Cycle

MID CYCLE is a scientifically developed “muscle building bridge” designed to be utilized in the MID portion of The Continuous Cycle. This formulation is a high-tech creatine and nitric oxide generating fusion that may drive creatine and nitric oxide into muscle cells. Although effective when used on its own, MID CYCLE was uniquely developed to amplify the effects of ON CYCLE and OFF CYCLE by enhancing nutrient uptake, increasing cell-signaling vasodilation and promoting improved muscle torque and intercellular energy levels. MID CYCLE may enhance creatine storage in muscle cells, which may lead to increased size and strength in athletes. PH-Fuse3 – 10,000 mg
Fizogen Mid Cycle A high-tech creatine transport system designed to fuel massive ATP production in muscle cells at a continuous and extremely high rate of speed. PH-Fuse3 contains a specialized triple bonded designer creatine formula engineered to force an intense ATP release. Tri-Creatine Malate is a creatine salt that is formed through the bonding of malic acid and pure creatine. It is easily absorbed by the body and is involved as an intermediary in the Krebs cycle. Malic acid synergizes with the creatine to boost intercellular energy levels and the net bioactive potency of each respective compound. Carnitine Creatinate Monohydrate is a specialized creatine substrate bonded with L-Carnitine. Carnitine is directly utilized in muscle cell mitochondria, which is actually considered by science as the “power house” of cells. Creatine Monohydrate has also been added in its undiluted form due to its highly researched ergogenic effects and proven efficacy. PH-Fuse3 produces a high level of cellular ATP, which may force dramatic increases in muscle cell hydration, torque and overall size and strength. VasoPump3 – 6,000 mg
Fizogen Mid Cycle A powerful 3 way fusion of arginine compounds designed to dramatically and continuously increase Nitric Oxide (NO) production in muscle cells. Arginine is proven to dramatically increase NO levels in the body and is the direct precursor compound to the production of this Nobel Prize (1990) winning chemical. NO increases vasodilation and peripheral blood flow in muscle cells. Recent research also shows an increase in sarcomere production and in the total amount of muscle cells in the presence of NO. Extreme muscle pumps are reported in users and a greatly amplified anabolic effect is further experienced in the presence of ATP. Due to its advanced design, VasoPump3 will force NO into your muscle cells using a unique and delicately precise process. Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and Arginine Pyro-Glutamate are fast acting compounds shown to convert rapidly and efficiently into NO and synergize with the longer acting Arginine Hydrochloride. Arginine Hydrochloride contains a higher dose of pure L-Arginine per dose than the aforementioned two compounds and fuels production of NO directly. A precise combination of factors has been employed to induce extreme and continual conversion of MID CYCLE’s various L-Arginine substrates into NO. The focus of action for VasoPump3 is a site specific anabolic utilization by muscle cells. The ultra-high dose combination of arginine compounds utilized in MID CYCLE supercedes the dose of any other product currently on the market and is guaranteed to swell muscles with a solid and enduring gain. Insulocine-XT – 2643 mg
Fizogen Mid Cycle Insulin is a potent anabolic compound that enhances the uptake of all ingested proteins, creatine, NO and ATP, glucose, amino acids, including vitamins and minerals. Insulin-XT is an extra strength insulin releasing secretagogue capable of enhancing the bodies natural production of this ultra-powerful nutrient shuttling, sugar regulating chemical. Insulin is a potent muscle cell volumizer on its own and the muscle pumps reported with its use are staggering. All compounds used in forming Insulocine-XT are proven to elicit massive insulin spikes with use and are synergistically combined to increase pancreatic secretion of this anabolic compound. When Insulocine-XT is precisely combined with PH-Fuse3 and VasoPump3, the effects of all compounds are radically amplified. This synergistic anabolic reaction is responsible for the enormously large muscle gains reported with use of MID CYCLE. SRT – 875 mg
Fizogen Mid Cycle employs its newly developed Substrate Regeneration Technology (SRT) compound to biologically recycle all of the metabolic byproducts of NO and creatine utilization. SRT contains specific precursor chemicals to Arginine and creatine that have been shown to turn on the body’s ability to produce these compounds naturally. SRT works synergistically with the byproducts of NO and creatine utilization in muscle cells to force further and continued NO and creatine production. SRT is developed in an exact ratio of bioactive components and designed to create a non-stop myotrophic pattern of production and dispersion of these compounds. SRT technology increases the net utilization of substrates and overall anabolic effect of NO and creatine in the body. Phospho-MX – 535 mg
Fizogen Mid Cycle A high strength blend of phosphate compounds used to increase the retention and uptake of active ingredients in muscle cells. Phospho-MX’s precise blend of phosphate compounds and vital inter-bonded mineral cofactors enable optimal retention of active ingredients into muscle cells. Phospho-MX creates a virtual inexhaustible supply of intercellular energy by synergistically infusing with NO, creatine and SRT compounds. This prolongs anabolic activity in the body, which promotes revolutional and intense muscle growth.

On Cycle