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Code Red, Fruit Punch, 300 Grams, From MuscleMeds

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  • Code Red, Fruit Punch, 300 Grams, From MuscleMeds

Code Red, Fruit Punch, 300 Grams, From MuscleMeds

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Manufacturer : MuscleMeds
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Code Red Power, Pumps and Intensity!
  • Optimally Dosed GlycoCarn (GPLC): Nitric Oxide Infused
  • Beta Alanine & Creatine: Supports Muscle Growth and Explosive Power
  • ROS "Free Radical" Neutralizers: Promote Endurance and Improve Recovery
  • Ergogenic Energizers: Ignite Psychoactive Intensity For Super-Aggressive Workouts Scientifically Formulated to Promote Muscle Growth, Pumps, Energy, Endurance and Intensity, Plus Support Recovery MuscleMeds researchers have taken a quantum leap forward in the pre-workout category with the development of CODE RED. This new state-of-the-art formula combines a Sigma-tau certified dose of GlycoCarn (GPLC) with powerful anabolic support, ergogenic optimizers and ROS neutralizers to create a superior bodybuilding supplement. CODE RED is scientifically formulated with researched and patented ingredients to take your workouts to a new level of excellence, intensity and effectiveness. The effectiveness of CODE RED begins with the active ingredient GlycoCarn. In fact, in a recent study with resistance trained men, GlycoCarn alone outperformed many of the other top selling pre-workout/nitric oxide formulas in many performance measures. At the clinically recommended 4.5 gram dosage, GPLC has been suggested in studies at the University of Memphis to promote vasodilation and blood flow delivery to working muscles. This may help support muscular pumps, recovery from exercise, removal of lactic acid, mobilization of fatty acids for fat burning and improved energy, muscular endurance and overall greater muscle-building prowess. CODE RED's synergistically formulated performance blends are designed to support a an anabolic state of extreme power, intensity, energy and endurance during your workouts. The unique mind-muscle synergy created by CODE RED promotes a heightened state of focus and muscle power, allowing you to train harder, heavier and longer to stimulate new muscle growth. To support this new, heightened level of training intensity that CODE RED ignites, MuscleMeds researchers developed the proprietary MyoGuard ROS neutralizer complex. This MyoGuard complex is a new development in the science of muscle building, as may help support the bodys efforts to neutralize exercise-induced free radicals (ROS-reactive oxygen species), which may help to promote building, repair and recuperation faster to optimize muscle growth and recovery. CODE RED combines GlycoCarn with powerful anabolic supporters, ergogenic optimizers and ROS Neutralizers to create and effective bodybuilding supplement.