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eNoxide, 40 Capsules, By MuscleMeds

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  • eNoxide, 40 Capsules, By MuscleMeds

eNoxide, 40 Capsules, By MuscleMeds

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eNoxide 40 Capsules Muscle Meds Enoxide is a revolutionary breakthrough in Nictric Oxide (NO) elevation made possible throught the discovery and development of a biomedically engineered Real Nitric Oxide molecule administered in an advanced patent pending FastSorb delivery tablet. Enoxide has the unique ability to deliver potent levels of actual NO molecules into the bloodstream and muscle tissue. This new Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule instantly triggers immense pumps, improves muscle performance and stimulates muscle growth. FastSorb sub-buccal delivery of Enoxide's Real Nitric Oxide molecules ensure rapid, massively effective NO elevations within seconds and are sustained for hours.

Muscle Meds Enoxide Features

eNoxide 40 Capsules The World's First Real Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule eNoxide 40 Capsules The Most Powerful Muscles Pumps Ever eNoxide 40 Capsules U.S. Patented N.O. Donor Molecule eNoxide 40 Capsules Enoxide is a quantum leap above conventional NO products that merely attempt to increase NO levels using precursor ingredients such as Arginine AKG or Citrulline, which must go through the complex biochemical pathway to be converted to Nitric Oxide and these precursors only produce a small elevation in NO. Enoxide is not a nitric oxide precursor, its Real Nitric Oxide!

About Nitric Oxide Nitric oxide is involved in several processes in the human body during intense weight training and muscle building exercises. The most noteworthy role is in the dilation of blood vessels to help achieve the maximum "muscle pump" during workouts. With the development of eNOXIDE, MuscleMeds has revolutionized the supplement industry and changed the future of nitric oxide supplementation with the world's first and only Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule – 2-(nitrooxy)ethyl 2-amino-3-methylbutanoate. eNOXIDE is so unique and revolutionary that it has been awarded a U.S. Patent!

eNOXIDE is a revolutionary breakthrough in nitric oxide (NO) made possible through the development of a biomedically engineered REAL nitric oxide containing molecule. eNOXIDE is a quantum leap above conventional NO products that are designed to increase NO levels using precursor ingredients such as arginine, AAKG or citrulline, which must go through the complex biochemical pathway to produce only limited amounts of NO. eNOXIDE is NOT a nitric oxide precursor – eNOXIDE contains REAL NITRIC OXIDE! Administered in an advanced FastSorb optimum delivery tablet, eNOXIDE is designed to deliver actual exogenous NO molecules into the bloodstream.

Once you experience the power of an eNOXIDE pure nitric oxide infusion, you will never go back to using any other NO boosting product. eNOXIDE is in a class of its own – it's a biomedically engineered nitric oxide super-molecule designed to deliver high levels of real NO to the bloodstream for an incredible pump and superior muscle building effects.

eNOXIDE – Patented Nitric Oxide Super Molecule! Scientific Evidence that Precursors like Arginine and AAKG Yield Limited Nitric Oxide Output Leads to the Discovery of a new Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule.

In the development of eNOXIDE, the MuscleMeds research team undertook a massive review and evaluation of the nitric oxide (NO) precursor and stimulating products on the market and numerous Nitric Oxide research studies to determine the best way for boosting NO levels. After extensive review, MuscleMeds scientists discovered that the NO precursor and NO stimulating products were at best minimally effective in elevating NO in the bloodstream, with individual effectiveness results varying. A plethora of research indicates the dose-response limitations of using orally administered arginine or other arginine based compounds, such as Arginine, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Citrulline and other NO precursors and stimulators. For example, when reviewing the research conducted using arginine, it was found that in order to achieve some elevation of NO, very large dosages of arginine (30 grams) were required, using intravenous administration. Even more problematic, the research reveals that the oral dosage methods used by all supplements (capsules, tablets, powder mixes, liquid drinks, etc.) were much less effective compared to IV administration (approximately 1/10th the researched dosage).

Other efficacy concerns related to using NO precursors and NO stimulators include the widespread practice of products containing low, ineffective dosages. For example, a typical effective dosage reported in the medical research report is 30 grams of arginine, administered intravenously all within 30 minutes. Compare this to the low, sub-optimum dosing common among most NO supplements, where 3 grams or less of Arginine or AAKG is administered. To make matters worse, in an effort to prolong the NO elevations many of these products make the mistake of using a 6-hour sustained release tablets. Sustaining a sub-optimal 3 gram dose over a 6-hour period translates into delivering an even more ineffective sub-optimal dosage of a mere 0.5 grams per hour. Moreover, factor in that oral arginine is estimated to be about 70% bioavailable by some experts, and your dosage becomes even more dismal and sub-optimal (0.35 grams per hour).

In light of the gap that existed between the research realities of requiring very high dosages of intravenously administered arginine and the low dosages found being used among many products in the marketplace, this motivated the MuscleMeds research team to explore new, effective ways of increasing NO levels in the bloodstream. The research team literally reviewed thousands of molecules and research studies in search of discovering a new, more effective way to increase NO levels in the bloodstream. This massive research effort culminated in the development of the new class of Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule contained in eNOXIDE.

The Development of the World’s First Real Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule Unlike conventional NO products that merely attempt to increase NO levels using precursor ingredients such as Arginine, AAKG or Citrulline, which must go through the complex biochemical pathway to produce only limited amounts of NO, eNOXIDE is designed to contain a real NO functional group linked to a natural carrier molecule and utilizes natural enzymatic hydrolysis in the body to deliver pure exogenous nitric oxide into the bloodstream. eNOXIDE Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule is designed to work rapidly and deliver high levels of real Nitric Oxide (NO) into the bloodstream (findings based on indirect preliminary pilot study evaluation using blood pressure as an indicator of nitric oxide induced vasorelaxation).


This special eNOXIDE Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule structure is a major advancement over the older endogenous NO precursors or NO stimulation approaches, which rely on your body’s limited ability to convert and produce nitric oxide. Therefore, eNOXIDE administration guarantees the most potent and effective NO delivery into the bloodstream and muscle tissue.

eNOXIDE Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule Endogenous nitric oxide molecule designed to deliver potent levels of Real Nitric Oxide (NO) directly supplying real NO for a new level of hemodynamic myovascular muscle pumps. FastSorb liposome carrier tablet technology for optimum delivery to help achieve rapid uptake, designed for improving bioavailability and NO boosting efficacy.

FastSorb Sub-buccal Delivery To achieve Nitric Oxide Super-Molecule stability and delivery system goals, eNOXIDE utilizes a novel dual functional liposomal delivery system. The FastSorb liposomal-based technology helps to stabilize the bioactive NO super molecule and upon administration is designed for rapid and high levels of absorption directly into the bloodstream primarily through buccal cavity (mouth) absorption. Oral mucosal delivery (transmucosally) is an alternative method of systemic nutrient delivery that offers several advantages, as the oral mucosa is highly vascularised. The eNOXIDE Super Molecules are absorbed through the oral mucosa and directly enter the systemic blood circulation, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and first-pass metabolism in the liver. Individual results may vary. Testing methodologies vary. Advertised results may not be typical. eNoxide 40 Capsules