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CreaGen Optimize Recovery, Orange Flavor, 504 Grams, From MNT

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  • CreaGen Optimize Recovery, Orange Flavor, 504 Grams, From MNT

CreaGen Optimize Recovery, Orange Flavor, 504 Grams, From MNT

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CreaGen Augmenting Muscular Bioenergetics Through Multiple Pathways!

Any athlete interested in augmenting their bioenergetic capacity and recovery/adaptation process could benefit substantially from CreaGen supplementation. You will be hard-pressed to find an athlete who isn't interested in increasing the capacity of muscular energetics, recovery, and adaptation from their training. This includes bodybuilders, "weekend warriors", sprinters, swimmers, cyclists, football players, etc.

The extent to which CreaGen will augment performance in an athlete depends on far too many factors (biochemical/physiologic individuality, training status, sport, nutritional status, etc. to name a few) beyond the scope of this overview. However, I will say that this formula is for any athlete and weekend warrior regardless of their sport and how hard they work.

CreaGen Impacts Training Performance

Training performance is determined by a number of factors; among them are the quantity of both Creatine Phosphate and ATP. ATP regeneration is a major achievement of CreaGenT. ATP regeneration is accomplished by:

1. Enhancing flux through oxidative, aerobic pathways of energy metabolism, hence generating more ATP;

2. Providing increased intra-muscular stores of both free creatine and creatine phosphate.

In a healthy individual, the body produces enough ATP on its own to do most activities. However, without proper nutrition, supplementation, and training, the body won't make enough ATP for progress or change. That's where CreaGen comes in - it causes the body to produce enough ATP to support exercise induced demand.