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LeuceMine Aspartame Free, Grape Flavor, 500 Grams, From MNT

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  • LeuceMine Aspartame Free, Grape Flavor, 500 Grams, From MNT

LeuceMine Aspartame Free, Grape Flavor, 500 Grams, From MNT

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LeuceMine Primary Muscle Recovery Agent And Breakdown Inhibitor! Strategically, its highly desired protein/muscle sparing and L-Glutamine preservation effects are optimized when LeuceMine is used in meaningful dosages during the workout. Its simple; begin sipping LeuceMine during the workout so that you run out just as your workout is ending. Take LeuceMine while training with weights, sprint workouts, endurance training, football, basketball, soccer and swimming practice. Also while competing in whatever sport you do. LeuceMine Highlights:
  • LeuceMine supports white muscle fiber tissue hypertrophy with resistance training, and maximizes the muscle substrates most critical for tissue restoration and recovery. In other words, it radically accelerates the rate of recovery from training-induced stress.
  • LeuceMine stimulates protein synthesis and prevents muscle wasting and degradation. Specifically, LeuceMine causes the body to hold on to and preserve muscle tissue during periods of high stress such as training.
  • LeuceMine is ideal and a must for competing bodybuilders and/or anyone dieting. During weight loss most people fail to ingest sufficient protein and operate in a caloric deficit, which inevitably causes muscle loss. LeuceMine provides clinically significant levels of specific amino acids (L-Glutamine and BCAAs) which help the body (while dieting) hold on to and preserve lean muscle mass.
  • Real Life Results The regular use of LeuceMine will contribute to your ability to run faster. We have countless track and field testimonials where times have been reduced by a full second, which is major accomplishment particularly to short distance athletes. Its a real performance enhancer. Old racquetball players have reported a considerable increase in stamina extending their ability to play a 5th and 6th game and to compete as if it were the first game. Many players tell us they can compete with and beat 20 year olds. Like track & field sprinters and long distance runners, swimmers have discovered that the regular use of LeuceMine reduces their official times while extending training capacity and accelerating recovery. Individuals engaged in severe/extreme dieting such as a bodybuilder or wrestlers have reported the ability to hold on to a considerable amount of lean muscle mass and strength. The BCAAs found in LeuceMine have a major lean tissue preservation effect. Bodybuilders report the ability to lose body fat while holding onto muscle. Basketball players find themselves in the 4th quarter of a game with their legs under them. This is a big deal because the onset of fatigue translates into a major performance breakdown. Because they arent fatigued they can rebound stronger, shoot the ball with their legs under them, and maintain an explosive game through the 4th quarter. Football players commonly report that they are able to perform at practice at a much higher level delaying the onset of fatigue. This means that during the game where performance declines in the latter stages of the game they are able to extend a higher level of performance and intensity.