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Monster Mass, Banana Creme, 5.95 lbs, By CytoSport

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  • Monster Mass, Banana Creme, 5.95 lbs, By CytoSport

Monster Mass, Banana Creme, 5.95 lbs, By CytoSport

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Monster Mass Banana Creme MONSTER MASS is the most powerful, yet easily digestible, mass-building protein in history. Although it tastes like an ultra-rich milk shake, MONSTER MASS’s 600+ calorie advanced protein and carbohydrate systems make it the ultimate nutritional tool for building monster size and muscle.

Fast & Slow Proteins: MONSTER MASS™ delivers the biggest blast of multi-source sustained release proteins in history. Monster Mass Banana Creme Rapid-releasing whey, glutamine peptides and free form BCAA’s are complemented by slower, anti-catabolic caseins and other complete milk protein isolates. Monster Mass Banana Creme This powerful combination of fast and slow proteins creates an “window” that lasts for hours.

Monster Mass Banana Creme Super Easy To Digest: Cytosports strategic use of Aminogen® (Patented Bio-Active Polypeptide Enzyme System), bromelain, papain, and lactase ensures extreme ease of digestion. These enzymes ensure the proteins in MONSTER MASS™ are delivered as free-form amino acids and small peptide chains to ensure maximum uptake and absorption. Plus MONSTER MASS™ is 98% lactose free, making it even easier to process. While MONSTER MASS™ may be the most powerful mass building protein in the world, it’s still easy on your stomach.

Boost Your Nitrogen Balance: MONSTER MASS™ helps create positive nitrogen balance, the gold standard of potential. MONSTER MASS™ provides high levels of essential amino acids to bathe muscle fibers in an “soup” to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth (hypertrophy).

Monster Mass Banana Creme Monster Mass Key Facts: Increase Lean . 600+ Muscle Fueling Calories. 98% Lactose Free. Easy to Digest. Waxy Maize Starch BCAA's Glutamine peptides L-Glutamine. Lean Lipids Plus Monster Mass Banana Creme

Benefits of Using MONSTER MASS:

50 GRAMS MULTI-SOURCE PROTEIN MATRIX: Completeness and balance to the extreme. Featuring Whey Concentrates, Whey Isolates, Isolated Milk Protein, Caseinates, Lactoferrin, L-Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides, and fre-form BCAA’s L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine.

50 GRAMS OF DIGESTIBLE PROTEIN: 500 mg of Aminogen® (a patented bio-enzyme proteolytic digestive system), bromelain, and papain ensure the breakdown of proteins into absorbable peptides.

MONSTER COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES: Waxy Maize Starch and Maltodextrin provide massive amounts of glucose energy to fuel muscle growth and recovery. These complex carbs trigger the insulin response necessary to maximize protein utilization and amino acid uptake.

LEANLIPIDS™ PLUS: Calorically dense Sunflower and/or Safflower oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Canola Oil and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) are excellent sources of energy for muscle growth.

Monster Athlete:

Chad Aichs The competition is scared when Chad Aichs puts his sheer power on display. Nightmarishly strong, the Nevada native is one of the greatest power lifters who has ever lived. Chad made an immediate impact in 1997 when he took second place in his first meet ever. By 1999, he competed in his first three-lift meet and finished in first place with a 1750 lbs total. He currently holds the AWPC world records in squat, bench, deadlift, and total. What’s scary is that Aichs hasn’t even come close to reaching his true:" ":WPC World Championship 1st 2004 AWPC World Championship 1st 2003 Ironman Classic 1st Bench 2003 APF Senior Nationals 2nd 2002 AWPC World Championship 1st Best Lifter 2001 AAPF National Power lifting Meet 1st 2000 USAPL Nevada State Power lifting Meet 1st 1999 USAPL Nevada State Power lifting Meet 1st 1997 USAPL Great Basin Bench Press Championship 2nd MONSTER products are for the dedicated athlete determined to become a freak of nature! If you want to reach the next level in training and size, then you need monster nutrition and monster determination. DO NOT USE WITH CAUTION. BE A MONSTER.

To Build Monster Muscle You Need Monster Mass!

Significant scientific studies now confirm what athletes have always known. Faster, more lasting muscular gains seem to occur when taking extra protein. Muscle growth is high when protein intake is higher. Monster Mass Banana Creme