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Black Powder Pre Training, Blue Raspberry, 20 Packets, By MRI

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  • Black Powder Pre Training, Blue Raspberry, 20 Packets, By MRI

Black Powder Pre Training, Blue Raspberry, 20 Packets, By MRI

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Manufacturer : MRI
UPC : 633012640119
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Black Powder Instant Release, Nos Up-Regulating Pre-Training Formula! Black Powder is the first and only pre-training formula to employ the powerful Nos up-regulating whey "peptide fraction" Actinos2, delivered with MRI's "Instant Release" (IR) technology. You get the over-whelming advantage of an instant surge of more nitric oxide (N.O.'s upper limit), combined with potent pre-workout compounds - delivered in ratios measured to precise gram-molecular specification.
  • Strength
  • Intensity
  • Stamina
  • Energy
  • Size
  • Recovery
  • Focus
  • Pumps
  • Power
  • The Science: Driving Performance and Size to New Levels! Nitric oxide forms the basis for both performance and size. Nitric oxide dilates the blood channels that deliver vital training and recovery nutrients to your muscle cells. In addition, nitric oxide is the molecule that "signals" and regulates muscle growth, muscle contraction, and metabolic adaptation to training. Until now, nitric oxide had a "pre-set" limit. Not any longer. Thanks to MRI's innovative Actinos2 IR (Instant Release) technology, Black Powder creates an immediate surge in nitric oxide levels. In an instant, Black Powder's performance/size nutrient complex, measured with gram-molecular precision, floods your muscle cells in volumes never believed possible. Your body's performance and growth signals amplify in both frequency, and duration. Suddenly, size and training target sites light up! Your strength, intensity, and focus hit levels they've never known. Your recovery, now at an entirely new level, starts before you even leave the gym. Growth "signals" bombard your muscle cells with greater intensity, starting at your first set! That's why with Black Powder, you'll get the most outrageously intense workout, and you'll have the super-dilated skin-ripping pumps to prove it!