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MRI CE2 Hi-Def, 180 Caplets

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  • MRI CE2 Hi-Def, 180 Caplets

MRI CE2 Hi-Def, 180 Caplets

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We formulated CE2 Hi-Def for people that want to be strong and cut. You see, with regular creatine, athletes have talked about getting stronger, but complain about getting bloated and "puffy" looking at the same time. Now, with CE2 Hi-Def you have the same ester creatine technology that the CE2 label is famous for, but you also get Thermo-RK. Without compromising the strength support you´re looking for in a creatine supplement.

But there´s more. With CE2 Hi-Def you´re also getting beta alanine to promote strength gains and prolonged aerobic strength. That´s because beta alanine helps buffer muscles from fatigue-inducing lactic acid.

Sound too good to be true? Need more convincing?

Ester Creatine + Beta Alanine + Thermo-RK
We built CE2 Hi-Def with you in mind: Someone who wants to get stronger and get ripped at the same time. CE2 Hi-Def´s three ingredients work together to hit your muscle cells and your fat cells hard.* Here´s how it works:

Overview of Thermo-RK
Thermo-RK is MRI´s high quality source of raspberry ketone, a component of red raspberry that has been suggested to help support metabolism.*

Overview of Ester Creatine
Ester creatine is one of the newest creatine supplements available. MRI´s ester creatine (CE2) is synthesized in the United States. We use the high-quality ester creatine.

Clean, Rapid Creatine Absorption
It is the power of lipophilicity. CE2 is thought to absorb in minutes, not hours, because it is fat soluble (lipophilic).* As a result, it may support "full load absorption".* Water-based creatines (that aren´t lipophilic) rely on transporters to get from the gut to the bloodstream.

Overview of Beta Alanine
Flushing Out Muscle Toxins Beta Alanine works by promoting the production of carnosine. Carnosine helps stabilize muscular pH by absorbing hydrogen ions that release inside your muscle during exercise. By helping you maintian pH balance during exercise, carnosine may help prevent lactic acid burn during exercise and provide support against suboptimal muscle performance. (Note: Taking carnosine directly as an oral supplement may not be as effective as taking beta alanine for muscle pH balancing.)

Synergistic Effect
It should also be noted that beta alanine has a synergistic effect with creatine. A published study suggests that athletes taking creatine with beta alanine added more lean muscle mass than athletes taking creatine alone.