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WAR, Berry Attack, 1.2 lbs, From MRI

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  • WAR, Berry Attack, 1.2 lbs, From MRI

WAR, Berry Attack, 1.2 lbs, From MRI

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Manufacturer : MRI
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Intra/Post Workout Formula For Serious Growth! War represents one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in recovery - ever. Now you can help increase your body's adaptive response to training - in less time. Plus, War not only helps you gain more muscle from today's workout, it primes your body for tomorrow's training!
  • New "Heat Shock" Recovery-Acceleration Technology
  • Triggers Optimal Glycogen Restoration
  • Proprietary "Muscle Perfect" Amino Acid Ratio Ignites Protein Synthesis
  • Helps Force Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB) for Growth
  • Crea-Charge Creatine: Faster Absorbed and up to 29% More Bioavailable
  • MRI's "Heat Shock Protein" Technology: MRI's revolutionary new technology targets Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). HSPs accelerate both speed and efficiency of your body's adaptive response to training. Proprietary "Muscle Perfect" Amino Profile: MRI's Proprietary Complex gives you the exact amino profile in human muscle tissue. Now you don't have to wonder if you getting it from food or a combination of supplements. This "human ratio" of amino acids ignites, and accelerates, protein synthesis. Triggers Glycogen Storage: MRI's precise molecular weight "super carb" (waxy maize) helps rapidly trigger the process of glycogen storage. With super-saturated muscle glycogen stores, you increase the training potential of your next workout. Exclusive "Crea-Charge" Creatine: MRI's exclusive Crea-Charge is proven to get absorbed and is 29% more bioavailable. At last, you get "full-load" phospho creatine stores for your next workout. Induces Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB) : Positive Nitrogen Balance is your proof of complete recovery. It's also essential for anabolism. MRI's War helps force Positive Nitrogen Balance- so you finally gain as much as you train!