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Glucosamine Sulfate Joint Support, 120 Capsules, From MRM
MRM Nutrition

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  • Glucosamine Sulfate Joint Support, 120 Capsules, From MRM

Glucosamine Sulfate Joint Support, 120 Capsules, From MRM

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Glucosamine Sulfate Supports The Health And Strength Of Connective Tissue!

Glucosamine Sulphate (GS) has shown to be beneficial in supporting the health and strength of connective tissue. The potassium-bound (sodium-free) form of glucosamine is ideal for use by seniors, those with sodium sensitivities, and athletes that do not wish the burden of additional dietary sodium.

Glucosamine Sulfate (GS) is a compound containing both sugar and nitrogen and is found in large amounts in synovial fluid and connective tissue. Numerous European scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits to bone health when supplementing with Glucosamine. Glucosamine (Sulfate) is required in the structure and function of connective tissue.

Glucosamine molecules are chains of the amino acid glutamine and the sugar glucose. Chondroitin molecules are specialized polysaccharides (i.e., chains of certain sugars). In the cartilage of joints glucosamine is incorporated into longer chains known as glycosaminoglycans; these are then combined with chondroitin to form very large structures known as proteoglycans. It is thought that proteoglycans are needed for maintaining healthy joint cartilage, and for attracting water into the joint space for lubrication during movement.

Many studies have shown a clear benefit of glucosamine supplements in supporting your range of motion in joints.

This product combines the KCl salt of glucosamine sulfate with chondroitin sulfate in the ratio typically used for joint health. The average daily dose of 3 capsules is usually taken as three separate one-capsule doses several hours apart, but it is quite possible that the capsules can be taken all at once with no loss of benefit. Higher doses may work faster, but this has not been definitely established.