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CreaSol, Berry, 410 Grams, From Muscle-Link

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  • CreaSol, Berry, 410 Grams, From Muscle-Link

CreaSol, Berry, 410 Grams, From Muscle-Link

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CreaSol The Next Step In Creatine Evolution!

Drive Creatine Straight Into Your Muscle Cells The LOW-CARB Way
What that means to you is… high absorption… more creatine in your muscle cells… more cell volume and more strength and more muscle. The best part is because it’s low in carbs you also end up with less body-fat.

Experts Consider CreaSol to be the Low-Carb Evolution in Creatine Delivery
Did you know that delivery is critical when it comes to creatine… critical! Creatine can’t get into your bloodstream and muscle cells unless it is FULLY dissolved in the water that carries it into your muscle cells. And that delivery better be free of excess carbs and sugars if you want to avoid added body fat.

Undissolved Creatine Does Nothing To Build Strength, Power Or Muscle Size
CreaSol achieves free ionized, 100% SOLUBLE creatine! Solubility brings plenty of benefits. 100% water-soluble titrated creatine delivers more creatine into your muscle cells. Having more soluble unbound creatine available in the bloodstream helps to improve performance tremendously, significantly more than creatine, creatine and dextrose, or liquid creatine. Many athletes who have dismissed creatine can experience the benefits of creatine. And there's no stomach and intestinal distress or cramping, in other words, there's no diarrhea.

How To Get Better Results For A Fraction Of The Cost
Benefits: Technology has now made it possible to dissolve creatine without the high expense of an effervescent reaction. How? With a patented, pH manipulating, creatine-delivery system.

CreaSol achieves this by changing the pH of the water when it is stirred in it. This altered pH allows the creatine to go into solution over 95% of the time, resulting in dissolved creatine.

What that means to you is high absorption, more creatine in your muscle cells, more cell volume, more strength and more muscle. There's no stomach discomfort, no diarrhea, no need to take huge quantities and no gritty taste. You end up with better performance results than creatine monohydrate, with smaller doses and fewer side effects. Experts consider CreaSol to be the "next step" in the evolution of creatine supplementation after effervescent creatine. The best part is CreaSol doesn't react with water vapor in manufacturing and packaging like effervescent creatine. Therefore it can be manufactured and packaged inexpensively, and that means one more huge benefit to you... savings!