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Napalm, Fruit Punch, 313 Grams, From Muscle Warfare
Muscle Warfare

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  • Napalm, Fruit Punch, 313 Grams, From Muscle Warfare

Napalm, Fruit Punch, 313 Grams, From Muscle Warfare

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Manufacturer : Muscle Warfare
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Naplam Extreme Pre-Workout Warfare Training Matrix!

Naplam is a patent pending, ultra high tech advancement in pre-workout sports nutrition that will enable you to attain the most explosive and powerful workouts you have ever experienced! Combined with the extreme muscle pumps, endurance and anabolic potential makes it by far the most advanced pre-workout product ever developed. Once you start using it, you will immediately feel the difference.

font size=3>Here is how it works:
Upon ingestion, energy is almost instantly kicked in with Air Strike while core body heat is dramatically supported. This extra body heat may then dramatically support the release of heat shock proteins, during your workout by way of our patent pending Thermobraic Heat Shock Protein Deployment System via Myobolic-SERMS/1&2. No other product uses this synergistic approach to releasing anabolic HSP proteins by increasing core body heat during your workout, plus triggering HSP release via powerful xeno-hormetins. Additionally, you get the added dual functional muscle hardening effect of our two HSP activators via powerful SERM activity. Muscle Pumps are fueled via a remarkable creatine free, Plasma Scorch Muscle Engourgement Agent. No bloat, no water retention. Just pure power and dry hard size. Anabolism is kicked in by your ultra-intense workout coupled with our powerful mTOR pathways inducing Vaso-Anabolic Branched Chain Amino Acid Blend. Further hormonal anabolic support is induced by our patent pending NMDA hormonal support agent. NMDA specifically targets growth hormone, testosterone, IGF-1 and IGF-2 release and has been scientifically shown to provide dramatic support!