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N-Large II, Vanilla Creme, 3.8 lbs, N Large 2, By Prolab

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  • N-Large II, Vanilla Creme, 3.8 lbs, N Large 2, By Prolab

N-Large II, Vanilla Creme, 3.8 lbs, N Large 2, By Prolab

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Prolab Nutrition N Large2 - N-Large2 and In Charge

You want to gain pounds of powerful mass. N-Large II Vanilla Creme Not random weight-gain, mind you, but slabs of new, dense lean muscle. The problem is, no matter how hard you train, how much you eat, or what muscle-building supplements you use, nothing seems to work. Progress is at a standstill. In fact, adding just one more pound of body weight is starting to seem like an insurmountable task. Look, if what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to switch tactics. It’s time for PROLAB N-Large2.

N-Large2 was specifically formulated to address the unique nutritional needs of hard-gainers. This is no typical mass gainer; this is a synergistic blend of dynamic, -generating compounds. Each nutrient-dense serving of N-Large2 is loaded with 600 body-fueling calories, 52 grams of growth-inducing whey, plus fast and slow absorbing carbs for optimum post-workout glycogen replenishment. Experience your true mass-gaining potential with N-Large2. N-Large II Vanilla Creme

The Ultimate Formula 52 Grams of Mass-Generating WPC-80 Grade Whey Protein Concentrate 24.5 Grams of Essential Amino Acids Per Serving N-Large II Vanilla Creme Fast and Slow-Absorbing Carbs for Optimal Glycogen Replenishment N-Large2 is a powerful mass gaining support formula designed to promote size on the hardest gainers. This potent formula delivers more calories and protein, gram for gram, than out competition. Prolab put an emphasis on the amount of protein per serving since it is the essential nutrient that promotes . Prolab use only cross flow, micro filtered, cold processed ion exchanged whey. N-Large II Vanilla Creme This protein has a superior amino acid profile, an unbeatable bioavailability, is low in lactose and is instatized for easy mixing without a blender. You simply will not find a protein of this grade used in other weight gain formulas. This formula also contains a unique blend of carbohydrates to help fuel and support weight training. Fat, although shunned by some, is a highly concentrated energy source (double that of protein or carbohydrates). Fat is also a necessary component of all cell membranes, nerve covering, digestive secretions and most importantly, hormone production. A diet too low in fats may actually impair growth. For these reasons, small amounts of necessary dietary fat are contained in N-Large2. For best results, combine with a sensible diet and intense training program. N-Large II Vanilla Creme

Prolab Nutrition has given every aspect of formulation and quality, special consideration and care. Special attention has been given to ensure that you have selected the highest quality product available. Prolab Nutrition's N-Large is powerful mass gaining formula designed to pack size on the hardest gainers. N-Large II Vanilla Creme

What are the key benefits of these formulas?

Prolab N-Large2 uses only high quality whey protein with superior bioavailability, is low in lactose and is instantized for easy mixing. Maltodextrin is an easily digested complex carbohydrate that can help restore glycogen stores in the muscle.† Fructose is a simple carb that can go quickly and directly to muscles for energy. N-Large II Vanilla Creme

About Prolab Prolab Nutrition Inc. has been providing high-quality sports nutrition products to professional bodybuilders, elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts for over 20 years. PROLAB has helped pioneer a sports-specific approach to athletes' nutrition. Our comprehensive line of scientifically engineered formulas and single-ingredient products allow athletes to customize a nutritional supplement program to meet specific training and physique goals, as well as, support a healthy active lifestyle. N-Large II Vanilla Creme

PROLAB strives to take the guesswork out of performance supplementation – our “Performance Simplified” approach provides you with the building blocks you need to help increase energy levels and strength, enhance the development of lean muscle, help reduce body fat, and improve recovery. PROLAB products feature specialized formulas designed to support training and nutrition goals at every level of an athlete's regimen: N-Large II Vanilla Creme

For bodybuilders who want to build size & lean mass. For power lifters and other strength athletes who want lean, powerful and explosive muscle. For performance sport athletes who desire strength, speed and efficient muscle gain. For the everyday fitness enthusiast looking to build a lean, aesthetically pleasing physique. You can find PROLAB products at fine independent health food retailers, sports nutrition stores, and military bases throughout the world. We are proud of our reputation as a premium quality brand that focuses on delivering high quality, pure nutritional products. Prolabs is committed to bring you quality solutions and value for all your sports nutrition needs. N-Large II Vanilla Creme