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Diet & Energy, 60 Vegetable Tablets, From New Chapter
New Chapter

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  • Diet & Energy, 60 Vegetable Tablets, From New Chapter

Diet & Energy, 60 Vegetable Tablets, From New Chapter

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Diet & Energy, 60 Vegetable Tablets

Supercritical Diet & Energy delivers New Chapter's herbal strategy for optimal energy and weight management. How you feel and how your body stores fat are functions of complex metabolic processes. Your genetic profile, what and when you eat, your exercise routine, metabolism of sugars and insulin, even your stress and toxin levels-all these combine to create the energy and form of your body. A responsible health program respects all these factors, and an herbal strategy must do so as well. We thus offer a Five Stage Response System, combining properly extracted and concentrated herbs that are thermogenics, adaptogens, antioxidants, phytoglycemicsT, and cell protectives. Thermogenic herbs enhance metabolic functioning and promote fat oxidation. Adaptogens support normal functioning of the hormonal HPA axis (hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal) which specifically influences normal cortisol function and fat metabolism. Antioxidant herbs address two potential concerns: (I)the probable suboptimal concentrations of free radical scavengers commonly found in weigh-challenged individuals; and (II) providing detoxification support should lifetime stores of toxins be released from stored fat. Cell protectives promote normal membrane integrity and deliver important formulation- balancing properties. Lastly and most importantly, phytoglycemics help glucose to do its primary work-creating immediate cellular energy-rather than ending up as "stored" potential energy in the form of fat deposits.