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Natural Care AirDefense, Nasal Decongestant Mist, 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)
Natural Care

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  • Natural Care AirDefense, Nasal Decongestant Mist, 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

Natural Care AirDefense, Nasal Decongestant Mist, 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

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Manufacturer : Natural Care
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Manufacturer Part #: NC0001
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Free Sinus Health Guide Inside
For Adults & Children
For Symptoms Resulting from Harmful Germs in the Air
Cold and stuffy nose symptoms
Nasal congestion
Dry, irritated nasal membranes
Germs in the air are everywhere! Did you know that....
Sneezing is a sudden, forceful (average speed is 90 MPH), involuntary burst of air through the nose and mouth, and that tiny sneeze droplets may contain many viral and infectious bodies that drift in the air?
A study from the Am. Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 72% of people on an airline flight caught a cold from one infected passenger?
Essentially all germs, viruses, fungi, pollen, dust, mold, yeast, pollution, etc. enters your body through your nasal passages?
Re-circulated air in an airplane may contain viruses and bacteria exhaled by passengers flying with you, increasing your exposure to these contaminants?
Crowded environments like offices, schools, theaters, restaurants, airplanes, etc. are spawning grounds for germs that cause colds and sickness?
There is always a risk of contracting a contagious disease from someone near you in confined areas?
90% of Germs and Pollutants May Enter Your Body Through the Nose!
Our noses are open to the outside world. All of us living today are breathing in and inundated daily with thousands or foreign micro particles.
AirDefense was created specifically to fight the nasal cold and flu-like symptoms that may result from exposure to germs in the air in any crowded, potentially germ-infested environment. Use it at the first sign of symptoms! Keep it handy when you are around others who may be sick!
Safe to use as often as needed
No synthetic drugs
No artificial preservatives
Provides fine mist in precise dose spray
No chemical dependency
No side effects
Indications: For the temporary, soothing relief of nasal and sinus congestion and pressure and dry, irritated nasal membranes associated with a cold, sinusitis; irritated/swollen sinus passages; hay fever; or other upper respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis). Helps cleanse nasal passages and promotes nasal and sinus drainage.