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ArthriFix Joint Health, 60 Capsules, ArthriFix, From Natural Care
Natural Care

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  • ArthriFix Joint Health, 60 Capsules, ArthriFix, From Natural Care

ArthriFix Joint Health, 60 Capsules, ArthriFix, From Natural Care

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ArthriFix for the soothing relief of minor aches and pains of arthritis, joint stiffness, inflammation and swelling.

ArthriFix contains ingredients that help relieve the minor symptoms of aches & pains of arthritis, stiffness, inflammation, swelling and sensitive joints.

When joints become arthritic they are inflamed, stiff, enlarged and often interfere with the normal flow of blood. Unfortunately this decreases the bodies natural ability to maintain healthy joints and can bring on degenerative changes. In addition, the aging process, coupled with years of use and abuse, as well as nutritional deficiencies, may also bring on degenerative changes in our joints and even impairs the body's natural ability to repair cartilage.

Your Joints Are Important
Your joints literally keep your body or human-frame together. From your head to your toes, joints link your 206 bones, enable your body to be flexible, and enable your muscles to maneuver into thousands of positions.

ArthriFix contains the highest quality, all natural proprietary formula in strict compliance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, in a base of natural ingredients. Experience joint relief today with ArthriFix.

Millions have Arthritis!
Arthritis afflicts countless millions of people worldwide, including more than 70 million Americans.

Osteoarthritis (also called degenerative arthritis) is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis develops in many different joints in the body, but particularly in the hands, fingers, knees, back, neck, hips and shoulders. Arthritis frequently causes pain, stiffness, inflammation and decreased range of motion.

Millions of Men and Women have Arthritis
Millions of women of all ages have osteoarthritis and are affected twice as often as men. Not only is osteoarthritis more frequent in women age 55 and older, it is also more severe. From age 45 to 55, however, men and women suffer equally, while women are more likely to have osteoarthritis after the age of 55. Men are often more likely to suffer from arthritis than women up to the age of 45 because of strenuous physical activities. However, both often find an increase of symptoms as they age.