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HearAll, 60 Capsules, Hear All, From Natural Care
Natural Care

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  • HearAll, 60 Capsules, Hear All, From Natural Care

HearAll, 60 Capsules, Hear All, From Natural Care

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HearAll Supports Optimal Hearing Function:
  • Auditory Function
  • Hearing Clarity
  • Protects Hearing Cells
  • HearAll contains the highest quality, all-natural dietary supplement containing key herbal extracts, important antioxidants, co-enzymes, and special nutritional ingredients. There are no drugs, chemicals, stimulants, or artificial colors or excipients. REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH FOR HEARING SUPPORT
    For many years, hearing aids have been the primary means if gathering sound and enriching the lives of people experiencing hearing concerns. But recently scientists have discovered nutritional ingredients and formulas that help support optimal auditory function and help maintain hearing acuity.
  • Support optimal hearing and hearing cell function
  • Sharpen auditory sensitivity and promote cochlear ear function
  • Support specific auditory nutritional needs
  • Promote circulation to the auditory system
  • Protect hearing cells from free-radical damage and maintain longevity
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR HEARING Why does HearAll use "Methyl" vitamin B-12 instead of the more common "Cyano" B-12 found in virtually all other supplements? HearAll exclusively uses the preferred, most effective methyl form of vitamin B-12 because it's the only form of B-12 that supports optimal hearing function. The common cyanocobalamin (or cyano B-12) is used by essentially all other vitamin companies because it's cheaper and more available, but it is not very well absorbed by the body. Methyl B-12 (or methylcobalamin) is the form naturally circulating in our blood plasma. It's the active "coenzyme" form of vitamin B-12, and is more bioavailable by the body. THE MIRACLE OF HEARING
    Hearing is a complex and intricate process that enables sound vibrations to pass from outside the head to the part of the brain that controls hearing - all in a microsecond. First, the external ear canal picks up vibrations from sound and transmits them to the eardrum, causing it and the three small attached auditory bones (calles ossicles) in the middle ear to vibrate. The smallest of these bones, the stapes, moves like a plunger that causes the fluids in the cochlea in the inner ear to move. The vibrations in the fluid stimulate the tiny, critical hair cells within the cochlea to convert sound waves into nerve impulses for transmission to the brain. HearAll supports and protects these delicate hair cells and their critical daily function.