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Natural Care Microbe-Flush, Advanced Internal Cleanse, 8 fl oz (236 ml)
Natural Care

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  • Natural Care Microbe-Flush, Advanced Internal Cleanse, 8 fl oz (236 ml)

Natural Care Microbe-Flush, Advanced Internal Cleanse, 8 fl oz (236 ml)

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Manufacturer : Natural Care
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Dietary Supplement
Free Inside! Microbe-Flush Guide
No Laxative Side Effect!
All Natural Ingredients
Supports Internal Cleansing and Balancing of:
Yeast and Fungus
Microbes and your Health
Microbes are everywhere in your body and may impact your health and well-being. Some of the microbes in your body are beneficial and facilitate digestion, circulation and the proper absorption of nutrients. Other microbes, often those introduced into the body from the outside via air, water and food, just to name a few, are potentially harmful pathogens and do not benefit the body. These pathogens can cause an imbalance in your body that suppresses the useful naturally-occurring microbial inhabitants such as bacteria. Certain natural and botanical substances can work with the body to keep the natural equilibrium of bacteria and beneficial flora at a level that insures optimal health.
Microbe-Flush contains a patented nano-engineered silver solution in a proprietary base of botanical extracts designed to work with your body to create an ideal microbial stability for optimal good health. The formula is designed to increase your body's resistance to harmful microbes that might create a disparity in the delicate balance between pathogens and 'friendly' bacteria. Microbe-Flush contributes to host-resistance, helping you maintain good health.
For optimal health, keep pathogens under control and in harmony with your body's healthful microorganisms by doing a microbe flush twice a year.
Natural botanical agents
Nature has provided us with a number of substances that work naturally to help balance the microbial load in the body. Of the many plant products available, NaturalCare's proprietary Microbe-Flush formula contains.
Cat's Claw (also called Una de Gato) is the powerful Peruvian herb that has been the subject of hundreds of studies, and has a tradition as a medical herb that dates back for centuries. Its efficacy has generated a huge interest in its clinical applications.
Pau d' Arco (also called Taheebo) is from the inner bark of the Tabebuia impetiginosa tree. Found in the Amazon Rain Forest, extensive research on Pau d' Arco has been ongoing since the 1960's, when it first came to the attention of medical researchers in the U.S.
Grapefruit Seed Extract is widely recognized as a potent free radical scavenger and is an important factor in many immune boosting products.
Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful, antioxidant herb with a history of safe, effective applications for immune challenges. The medical application of olive leaf dates back to biblical times.
Green Tea Extract is rich in phenolic compounds that benefit the body in a number of areas. The antioxidant properties of Green Tea are responsible for scavenging of free radicals.