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NOX3, 180 Tablets, NOX-3 NOX 3, From Universal Nutrition
Universal Nutrition

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  • NOX3, 180 Tablets, NOX-3 NOX 3, From Universal Nutrition

NOX3, 180 Tablets, NOX-3 NOX 3, From Universal Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Universal Nutrition
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NOX-3 Cell-signaling vasodilators. Feel the "perpetual pump." Increase muscle size. Increase strength. Increase endurance. Quicker recovery time. Decrease muscle catabolism What does NOX 3 do?
NOX 3 is an extended release vasodilator. NOX3 has more benefits
NOX3 is like other vasodilators including NO2 by MRI and NOX2 by Pinnacle. However, NOX3 is better because it contains a powerful third ingredient, ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. Unlike both NO2 and NOX2 , NOX3 functions as a powerful vasodilator; as an anti-catabolic supplement which helps preserve muscle mass; and, as part of the arginine-ornithine combo, can boost growth hormone levels. In other words, unlike N02 and NOX2 our NOX3 also helps preserve muscle after training and boosts GH levels. There are numerous studies that support both the anti catabolic effects of ornithine AKG and the growth-hormone boosting effects of ornithine combined with arginine. It's because of the unique ingredient, ornithine alpha ketoglutarate. In short, NOX3 is more well-rounded, more effective overall for the athlete, and more economically-priced. The difference is in the third ingredient, which is why it's called NOX "3". NOX 3 Benefits:
  • NOX-3 Cell-signaling vasodilators
  • NOX-3 feel the "perpetual pump"
  • NOX-3 increase muscle size
  • NOX-3 increase strength
  • NOX-3 increase endurance
  • NOX-3 quicker recovery time
  • NOX-3 decrease muscle catabolism