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Ultimate Diet Cleanse, 2 Part Program, From Nature's Secret
Nature's Secret

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  • Ultimate Diet Cleanse, 2 Part Program, From Nature's Secret

Ultimate Diet Cleanse, 2 Part Program, From Nature's Secret

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  • Free Sample Women's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi
  • Free! Bonus Product, Plus Wellness CDs
  • New! Fast-Acting Liquid Soft-Gels
  • Dietary Supplement
  • 2-Part Program to Unclog the Digestive System, Boost Metabolism & Burn Calories for Optimum Weight Loss Support
  • Part One: Purifying Flush: 21 Liquid Soft-Gels - Eliminate, Flush & Purify Digestive System for a Flatter Abdomen & Less Bloating
  • Part Two: Thermogenic Fat-Burning: 90 Liquid Soft-Gels - Metabolic Activator for Powerful Fat-Burning and Thermogenic Boost
  • Are you "diet-proof"? Does your stubborn fat seem to resist dieting? Well, that might be because your entire fat burning system (part of your metabolism) might need a major adjustment. Problem: Part of your ability to burn calories depends on having an unclogged and healthy digestive system. But the low fiber food you eat becomes "sticky" in your system, "gunking" it up with toxins and making you feel tired and sluggish, which can easily contribute to weight gain. Plus, you're being weighed down with perhaps several pounds of unnecessary extra fecal matter. Solution: Ultimate Diet Cleanse not only helps melt away your stubborn, resistant fat, it also frees you of extra fecal weight and can even flatten that bulge in your abdomen. Plus, a side-benefit is that you will enjoy better digestion, which can make you feel energized, focused and just plain fantastic. In fact, people describe the cleansing experience as euphoric and energizing. Part 1: Purifying Flush
    A natural and gentle blend of 24 herbs and fibers will unclog the built up toxic gunk that's been weighing you down for years. And of course, many people lose extra pounds of extra fecal weight in just the first few days. Part 2: Thermogenic Fat-Burning
    Feel energized as you see yourself in the mirror every day and notice the fat melting away. This powerful formula is rich in EGCG's from Green Tea. So, it burns off fat during the short 30 days of this program. You'll literally feel like a new person! This program includes a diet and exercise plan.