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Growth Factor, 240 Capsules, From Nutrabolics

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  • Growth Factor, 240 Capsules, From Nutrabolics

Growth Factor, 240 Capsules, From Nutrabolics

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Advanced Amino Ester Matrix & BCAA's For Lean Tissue Support!

Scientific evidence supporting the use of Branched Chain and Essential Amino Acids is skyrocketing. Benefits include less muscle protein breakdown, faster recovery and increased protein deposition. In turn, serious athletes use supplements with BCAA's, EAA's or both to augment training efforts. But regular amino-acid mixtures are notoriously difficult to assimilate, making it an expensive to achieve training-amplifying dosage levels. Borrowing the industry's most efficient delivery mechanisms, the Research & Development Team at Nutrabolics created Growth Factor, a new breed of amino acid supplement that's economical and yields truly measurable results.

GROWTH FACTOR TACTICS: Spike Blood Levels with Highly Bioavailable BCAA's and EAA's To Deliver the Full Benefits of Amino Acid Supplementation

When it comes to ingesting amino acids orally, the exact mechanisms or kinetics involved in the digestion and absorption are not fully understood. What is known is that, once ingested, amino acids must pass through the highly destructive stomach-acid medium; thus, getting effective ratios of BCAA's and EAA's into the blood simultaneously can become difficult and expensive. To get blood levels of these highly effective amino acids into an optimal range, many athletes resort to a mass-absorption strategy (i.e., taking more than what's needed because absorption is restricted). Optimizing the fate of these key amino acids was the impetus behind Growth Factor - using esterification science to protect amino acids from stomach destruction results, delivering more to muscles more effectively, and at a fraction of the cost of using primitive regular amino acid supplements.