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NOZ I.V. Blue Raspberry, 630 Grams, From Nutrabolics

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  • NOZ I.V. Blue Raspberry, 630 Grams, From Nutrabolics

NOZ I.V. Blue Raspberry, 630 Grams, From Nutrabolics

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HyperAbsorbed Pre-Workout Amplifier! The kick-starter to an impressive build or improved athletic performance is creating an environment conducive to "training over your head". Simply put, the more intense your training sessions can become, the better prepared you are to exceed your goals. With a concrete belief in "performance-based results", Nutrabolics designed NOZ I.V., a world-class mind-muscle supplement that can activate your most productive workouts and "amped-up" training experiences. NOZ I.V. TACTICS: Switch on Muscle Energetics and Drive Up Nutrient Saturation in Working Muscles The primary objectives for effective training are to: 1) perform enough work to "temporarily" damage target muscle cells, signaling the brain to launch the growth-and-repair cycle; 2) deliver nutrients to working muscles to invite an abundance of pressure (or a "pump") inside the cell. Most athletes get the first objective; many don't fully grasp the second. Maximum intracellular pressure kicks off a cell-wall expansion ritual to accommodate similar "pressurization" in subsequent training sessions. Over time, muscles develop a sort of cell-wall plasticity so they "hold" more energy-rich substrates and, in turn, perform more work. To promote these "super" muscle cells, NOZ I.V.'s multi-faceted system yields an integrated combo of nitric-oxide boosters, neural-focusing agents, sophisticated nutrient-delivery protocols and intracellular-energy-recycling compounds that can ramp up a structured diet and vigorous weight-training regimen. NOZ I.V. INTEGRALS: Neural Muscle Activation, Cell Gradient/Expansion Compounds Nitric Oxide Amplification Complex - NOZ I.V. delivers a critically acclaimed ingredient stack designed to boost nitric oxide, which controls blood circulation, transmits messages between nerve cells, and promotes better nutrient delivery--a popular point of interest among elite athletes and bodybuilders. NOZ I.V.'s three potent nitric oxide boosters include Elemental Pharmaceutical-Grade Arginine Alpha-Keto-Glutarate, L-Citrulline Malate, and Eleutherococcus Senticosus. The added benefit is this unique combination also works to inhibit the body's built-in mechanisms that can down regulate nitric oxide production over time. Intracellular Recuperation Complex - To maintain maximum performance, working muscles must delay several metabolic "limiting" factors actually created by intense training. These include loss of cellular energy "currency" or ATP, ammonia-residue buildup, and prolonging cell respiration. NOZ I.V. incorporates five distinct compounds (Beta-Alanine, Anserine, Homocarnosine, Adenosine 5' Triphosphate Disodium, and (2S)-2-amino-4-carbamoyl-butanoic acid) that synergistically work together to help reduce these limiting factors. In this respect, NOZ I.V. represents a quantum leap in the science of muscle performance. Advanced Neural-Facilitating Complex - The ability to generate maximum muscular contractions is inherently tied to what researchers call "neuromuscular wiring." Simply put, the ability to "fire" or recruit more muscle fibers on demand equals greater power, strength and endurance. NOZ I.V. delivers an array of six compounds that work in concert to increase max-muscle recruitment, and for longer periods, resulting in frequent peak-training experiences. On-Board Cellular Energy and Nutrient Disposal System - NOZ I.V. makes key energy substrates such as short-, medium- and long-chain carbohydrates available to working muscles, and also supplies the appropriate nutrients to shuttle them into storage compartments. This dual action opens the door to improved muscle-cell performance and overall muscle volume, allowing athletes to top their previous best and optimize disciplined diet and training programs.
  • Designed to support the Increased Energy, Strength, Endurance associated with heightened workout intensity
  • Designed to Support Cellular Uptake
  • Supports ATP Resynthesis
  • Designed to Support Increased Protein Synthesis
  • Includes Anabolic Insulinotropic Factors
  • Designed to Support Hastened Muscular and Systemic Recovery