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SuperFats, 120 Softgels, From Nutrabolics

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  • SuperFats, 120 Softgels, From Nutrabolics
  • SuperFats, 120 Softgels, From Nutrabolics
  • SuperFats, 120 Softgels, From Nutrabolics
  • SuperFats, 120 Softgels, From Nutrabolics

SuperFats, 120 Softgels, From Nutrabolics

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SuperFats Fat Loss Revolution Helps You Shed Fat Fast!

If you've used many of the second-generation ephedra-free fat burners, you know how disappointing and ineffective they are. For all of the hype and promises, few deliver any real, noticeable, results. Usually, you lose some water weight in the first week, but then your "weight loss" results grind to a halt and the fat just hangs there. If you've wanted real fat loss results but have been stuck in this trap, haven't you ever wondered: What can I do to lose fat - instead of water? Isn't there a real fat loss solution? To get real and healthy fat loss results, results that you can see, you need to work with your body by exercising, by eating right and by taking a clinically proven health boosting and fat burning product. This means using a product that promotes natural fat loss and overall health, and this obviously precludes using harsh stimulants like ephedra, or primitive and ineffective one-dimensional ephedra-free knockoff products that are overpriced and are loaded with unsafe doses of caffeine.

SuperFats was designed by a team of elite researchers to help you lose weight quickly, safely, and naturally. SuperFats works with your body to promote overall health and fat loss so you can burn fat, have more energy, get greater muscle gains and have better moods. Simply: SuperFats is a complete fat-loss solution that uses new and cutting-edge ingredients to make you healthier and to attack fat loss from many angles. Best of all, the ingredients in SuperFats not only help you to lose weight consistently, but they help you keep it off. This means that you can finally escape the trap of yo-yo dieting, and you can escape the trap of disappointment that comes from taking expensive water loss pills that are deceptively marketed as "fat burners."

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (90% CLA)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring free fatty-acid that was discovered in 1983. Since then, scientific research has repeatedly proven that CLA is a powerful and effective ingredient. As a free fatty-acid, CLA supplies your body with energy, it suppresses your appetite, eliminates cravings, increases your metabolic rate(*1), and it contributes to proper hormone function. In fact, CLA is so effective that it helps you build muscle and burn fat(*2) even if you don't exercise or diet!(*3) Additionally, research has proven that in addition to helping you burn existing fat, CLA stops your body from storing fat in the first place!

Sesame Oil Extract
Sesame Oil Extract comes from the seeds of the Sesame plant (Sesamun indicum) and the Sesame Oil extract in SuperFats is standardized to 60% Sesamin Oil. Sesamin Oil is a lipid and a special fiber known as a lignan. As a lipid and fiber, Sesamin Oil is a potent source of energy that suppresses your appetite, stimulates fat loss(*10), supports optimal hormone function, and helps you build muscle.

Scientific research has established that Sesamin Oil also exerts anti-inflammatory effects(*11) by acting as an antioxidant, by protecting your liver from oxidative damage, and by cleansing and detoxifying your body of harmful pollutants. Simply: Sesamin is a powerful lipid that boosts your overall health and that helps you safely lose fat. As an added benefit, Sesamin Oil may also lead to increases in testosterone levels which can boost your sex drive, improve your sexual performance, and lead to an increase in sexual activity; this may cause you to burn more even calories and even more fat!

Pine Nut Extract
The health benefits of pine nuts are well documented, and Pinolenic Acid - the active ingredient in pine nuts - is responsible for these health benefits. The Pinolenic Acid in SuperFats is standardized to 15%. Pinolenic Acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that rapidly burns fat by satiating your appetite. It accomplishes this by stimulating the release of the chemical cholecystokinin (CCK). Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a naturally occurring chemical that's released by your body that your brain that you're full. Overeating is, in most cases, the result of not having enough circulating CCK. By stimulating CCK release SuperFats makes fat loss easy by eliminating pesky cravings and preventing overeating.