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Super Thisilyn, 60 Vegetarian Capsules,  From NatureÆs Way
Nature's Way

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  • Super Thisilyn, 60 Vegetarian Capsules,  From NatureÆs Way

Super Thisilyn, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, From NatureÆs Way

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Super Thisilyn, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, From Nature’s Way #1 Selling Milk Thistle extract combined with natural detox enhancers Advanced Detox Formula Comprehensive Liver Support - 2X Maximum Absorption Milk Thistle / Artichoke / Turmeric / Dandelion L-Methionine / N-Acetyl Cysteine / Alpha Lipoic Acid and Protectamins® Cruciferous Blend Ultimate combination of herbals, amino acids & food-based nutrients to support Liver Health & Detoxification. Super Thisilyn is uniquely formulated to:
  • Support liver function and exert a protective effect against substances harmful to the liver.
  • Promote bile production, secretion and release.
  • Help recycle, extend and replenish the power of glutathione - a super antioxidant essential to liver health.
  • Nutritionally support healthy fat metabolism in the liver.
  • Superior Milk Thistle Dissolution for MAXIMUM Liver Protection Unlike other milk thistle extracts that clump in the digestive tract, Thisilyn dissolves easily - yielding 2X more of its silymarin bioflavonoid complex for the body to absorb and utilize in the liver. Super Thisilyn® provides the full clinical dose. Good Health Depends on Proper Liver Function. A Healthy Liver Cleanses the Body by: Filtering the blood: Each minute nearly 2 quarts of blood pass through the liver for detoxification. When functioning properly, it clears 99% of the impurities before blood re-enters circulation. Secreting bile: Every day a healthy liver produces a quart of bile, which carries toxins to the intestine for elimination. Neutralizing toxins: Through a complexity of enzymatic processes, a healthy liver neutralizes toxins directly or converts them into fat or water-soluble forms to be eliminated from the body. A Healthy Liver Enables the Body to:
  • Produce energy when needed
  • Store key vitamins, minerals & sugars
  • Manufacture new proteins
  • Control cholesterol production & excretion
  • Facilitate proper digestion
  • Maintain hormone balance.
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