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Organic Shea Cream Grapefruit, 4 oz, From Organic Essence Pure Organic
Organic Essentials

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  • Organic Shea Cream Grapefruit, 4 oz, From Organic Essence Pure Organic

Organic Shea Cream Grapefruit, 4 oz, From Organic Essence Pure Organic

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Shea Cream Grapefruit, 4 oz, From Organic Essence Pure Organic

Organic Essence Organic Shea Cream - Grapefruit

Organic Essence Organic Shea Cream is ideal for hands and bodies. Organic Essence Organic Shea Cream is packaged in a biodegradable jar and is fairly traded. Organic Essence Organic Shea Cream provides maximum moisturizing. Organic Essence Organic Shea Cream is not tested on animals. Organic Essence Organic Shea Cream is known to increase circulation and softness. Organic Grapefruit should be on your “best friend’s skin list” as it’s well known to be an anti-aging skin detoxifier. Like most citrus aromas, the fragrance evokes a feeling of eurphoria and is most useful for its invigorating tonic purposes. When life finds you dragging your feet, reach for the grapefruit cream.

Organic Essence Maximum Moisturizing Organic Shea Cream Need hand and body moisturizing to the max? Made with shea butter, known to increase the skin’s capillary blood flow, Organic Shea Cream provides lasting skin softening wherever you need it. Organic Shea Cream is a powerful all over body moisturizer that doubles as an excellent massage cream and make-up remover. Packaged in Organic Essence eco-responsible biodegrable organic jar. Even the label is eco-friendly, no need to peel off. Don’t worry about the adhesive, it’s organic, too. Certified organic is your assurance that questionable ingredients are not present to potentially harm your skin.

Did Organic Essence design the eco tube and the bio jar? Yes. From concept to compost. After attending packaging trade shows and being disappointed at the offerings, Organic Essence partnered with a paper tube company and with Organic Essence's conceptual designs and specifications, they were able to coordinately invent a solution.T he eco tube was perceived through a dream. It is an original design and uses paper for its structure and style. Needless to say, employees of Organic Essence are all big enthusiats of and encourage “follow your dreams!”

Why is Organic Essence Shea Butter white? Organic Essence shea butter is produced in Ghana by a community of women who gather and crack the nuts with rocks, crush them with a mortar and pestle, roast the nuts and then grind them by stages into a paste - all this by hand, and using traditions and tools that have been handed down for hundreds of years. They knead the paste by hand and add water to separate the curd-like butter oils, which float to the top and are removed - then melted again, skimmed off the top, and left to cool and harden. In this process, which utilizes clean water, all debris and dirt are removed from the shea butter. Different regions of Africa from east to west produce shea butter in a variety of shadings. The color of the shea butter varies from white to golden to darkish tan depending in its source. Traditionally, the women form it into balls which are placed in baskets which they weave by hand.

Why flavors? The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, INCI, is a system of names for waxes, oils, pigments, chemicals, and other ingredients of soaps, cosmetics, based on scientific names and other Latin and English words. To be in compliance with the INCI nomenclature standards, Organic Essence could either name their proprietary blends “par fume”, “fragrance” or “flavors”. Organic Essence prefers “flavors” because “par fume” and “fragrance” almost always are chemical blends. Whereas, “flavors” are a more harmonious compliment for Organic Essence mixtures.

Why the USDA symbol? Organic Essence is certified USDA Organic because it is the definitive organic standard - The Real Organic. In the National Organics Program (NOP), Organic Essence must adhere to strict food-quality organic standards which insures the safest body care possible. On site inspections and certifying approval on every formula guarantees the highest quality available for the consumer. Organic Essence USDA certifying agent is Global Culture of Crescent City, CA.

What's not in Organic Essence products? No synthetic preservatives are allowed in the NOP program. That includes parabens and grapefruit seed extract which are a growing concern. Also, not allowed are fragrances, GMOs detergents like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or petrochemicals.

How long do the creams last when not in use? Will they stay fresh? Yes, they will stay fresh in the biodegradable jar. The Organic Shea Creams have a shelf life of two years. Their Best By date is stamped on the bottom of the jar with soy ink. Store in a cool, dry place.

Can I travel with Organic Essence Shea Cream? Yes. Be sure to keep the inner disk and insert before traveling. For extra protection place entire jar in plastic bag and seal.

When I touch the jar with wet hands, why does it feel tacky? You are feeling the organic biodegradable glaze which enables a quick turnaround time for efficient composting.

Organic Essence would like to share the process of how Organic Essence products are created; it occurs as naturally as the ingredients themselves. Organic Essence is surrounded by beauty. The redwoods, ocean and pristine rivers are inspiration to their everyday work flow. Clarity of purpose, purity and simplicity are the essence of Organic Essence products. The results are healthy, beautiful, certified organic body care which is beneficial for your total well being. Organic Essence's bio-degradable product innovations further amplify Organic Essence's desire and response pertaining to current global needs. Thank you for giving Organic Essence this opportunity for fulfilling their expression. Enjoy the essence, Organic Essence.