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Olympian Labs Brand New Mother, Premium Multivitamin, Herbal Formula for Breast Feeding, 60 Capsules
Olympian Labs

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  • Olympian Labs Brand New Mother, Premium Multivitamin, Herbal Formula for Breast Feeding, 60 Capsules

Olympian Labs Brand New Mother, Premium Multivitamin, Herbal Formula for Breast Feeding, 60 Capsules

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Dietary Supplement
30 Servings
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Olympian Lab's Brand New Mother Multivitamin
Women seeking to become pregnant may have special nutritional needs. After the birth of your child, those needs change and adapt as the body changes in response to a whole new set of demands. Olympian Lab's Brand New Mother Multivitamin provides nutritional support for a woman's body as she moves into the role of motherhood. Olympian Labs promotes healthy mothers and children in a new, powerful, and easy to take way.
One of the biggest challenges new mothers face is breastfeeding. A mother's milk is easy to digest and contains protective antibodies. Breast milk is nutritious and may help prevent common childhood illnesses and infections. Research also indicates that women who breastfeed may have lower rates of certain breast and ovarian cancers.
Brand New Mother Multivitamin contains an herbal blend to help promote lactation. For centuries, women have turned to herbs to help them provide milk for their babies. Herbs are used to encourage a woman's ability to provide food for her baby. Herbs such as Fenugreek, Fennel, and Chasteberry have been used by herbalists for centuries to promote a woman's ability to nurse her child.
Since it is impossible to predict when a woman will become pregnant, Brand New Mother Multivitamins have been synergistically balanced for early childhood development. Vitamin D3 supports fetal growth and bone calcification while Vitamin C is needed for healthy cell development. A powerful blend of B vitamins supports production of energy and the development of the nervous system. Lutein, a precursor to Vitamin A, helps with neural development and healthy eyes. Together these essential nutrients combine to meet or exceed a woman's daily nutritional needs.
Olympian Labs has chosen not to include Calcium in Brand New Mother Multivitamins because of concerns many women have with constipation. Taking calcium with Iron can cause this uncomfortable problem. Instead calcium is available through several Olympian Labs calcium formulations, including our odorless tasteless calcium powder, Cal-EZ which mixes into any liquid or soft food. Taken later in the day, Cal-EZ provides a woman with her daily calcium needs without the uncomfortable side effects.
Olympian Labs is proud to help mothers achieve optimal levels of nutritional support. We believe that Brand New Mother Multivitamins provide the nutrients a woman needs for her own health and the health of her child. Our herbal support for breast feeding may help provide an adequate supply of milk for a growing child. Olympian Labs pledges to bring forward only the highest quality products to support a healthier life.