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Fish Oil, Omega-3's, 100 Softgels, By Optimum
Optimum Nutrition

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  • Fish Oil, Omega-3's, 100 Softgels, By Optimum

Fish Oil, Omega-3's, 100 Softgels, By Optimum

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Natural Overall Health Support For A Healthy Heart And Joints! Optimum fish oil is a natural supplement filled with Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Fatty acids are the basis of fats and oils, and, despite popular belief, are necessary for overall health. These fatty acids are termed “essential” because your body cannot manufacture them by itself. EFA’s must come from food or supplemental sources. They are also essential because they are a component of every living cell in the body, and are necessary for rebuilding existing cells and the production of new cells. Studies show fish oil supports healthy heart function and joint flexibility.
Optimum Fish Oil is known for being rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil provides rich OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6 fatty acids, (Pure EPA 360mg/DHA 240mg). Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil are made from natural marine lipid concentrate and may help reduce or inhibit risk factors involved in cardiovascular disease, as well as inflammatory and immune disorders. Long term use of Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil help prevent menopausal symptoms, promote better circulation, lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, reduce heart related risk, and the pain of arthritis. Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish and alaska deep sea fish oil help to protect against heart and blood vessel disease. Natural, essential fatty acids are essential to normal human cell and tissue growth and maintenance. If not found regularly in the diet, the diet must be supplemented. These fatty acids are especially abundant in brain cells, nerve relay stations (synapses), visual receptors (retinas), adrenal glands, and sex glands. The most biologically active tissues in the body.
  • Fish Oil may prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, including complications of high blood pressure.
  • Fish Oil may prevent certain cancers.
  • Fish Oil may treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fish Oil may control diabetes.
  • Fish Oil may ease symptoms of lupus, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Fish Oil may minimize Crohn's disease symptoms.
  • Fish Oil may delay the onset of Raynaud's disease symptoms.