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OsteoValin for Bone Health 30 Capsule, By Carter Reed Company
Carter Reed Company

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  • OsteoValin for Bone Health 30 Capsule, By Carter Reed Company

OsteoValin for Bone Health 30 Capsule, By Carter Reed Company

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OsteoValin - As Seen On TV

If your doctor told you not to take Fosamax or Boniva because of possible side effects... don't be discouraged. Ask your doctor about OsteoValin. OsteoValin not only helps prevent bone deterioration, it actually helps your body build new bone mass... Stay strong, upright and active.

OsteoValin - a dietary supplement for reversing the effects of aging on bones.

As we age, our bones become brittle and are prone to lose structural integrity. The importance of exercise, calcium, and vitamin D in maintaining bone health are well-known standard practices to help maintain bone mass. Unfortunately, these everyday measures are oftentimes not enough to counteract the natural progression of bone loss due to aging.

OsteoValin's key active compound is a mineral that chemically resembles calcium. Because of this similarity, OsteoValin supplementation is a safe and simple means to build new bone mass, which in turn makes bones stronger. As we age, the internal structure of our bones gradually dissolves, resulting in weaker bones that can collapse and fracture. OsteoValin reverses this effect of aging on bones.

OsteoValin includes a naturally occurring food component that has always been a part of the human diet. In fact, supplementing the diet with OsteoValin's key mineral has a long history of safety and efficacy in remineralizing the skeleton when bone has been lost due to aging.