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Second Wind O2 Mint, 2 oz, From Oxylife Products

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  • Second Wind O2 Mint, 2 oz, From Oxylife Products

Second Wind O2 Mint, 2 oz, From Oxylife Products

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Second Wind O2 Mint, 2 oz, From Oxylife Products Beat Chronic Fatigue! Chronic fatigue is often a result of poor turnover of the atoms in your body. It takes about 18 months for a new atom to replace an old one. Scientists have found that a person's internal oxygen level determines how fast old atoms are loosened and dissolved. A shortness of oxygen causes and abundance of hydrogen which binds elements and solidifies them. SECOND WIND, OXY-MAX and STABILIZED OXYGEN with COLLOIDAL SILVER give your body the oxygen it needs to promote fast atom turnover by keeping hydrogen levels in check and defying fatigue. Fight Infection and Bacteria! A lab expert from Baylor Research Foundation found that oxygen is successful in killing several forms of bacteria, including Strep., Slamonella, Guardia Lambia, Cholera, E. Coli, Staphylococcus and others. It was also found to heal vaginal infections and other womenıs disorders. OXYGEN can help reduce your incidence of bacterial infection. Boost Your Energy Level! If you compare a finely tuned athlete with an inactive person, the biggest difference is the amount of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen is vital for the life and energy of your cells, and without it your cells become unhealthy and week. It is concluded that a body rich in oxygen will have more nourishment and therefore more energy. Benefits:
  • Destroys Bacteria
  • Destroys Viruses
  • Destroys Fungi
  • Increase Energy
  • Detoxification Of The Body
  • Helps with Chronic Candidiasis
  • Helps with Fiberomyalgia
  • Helps with Oxygen intake