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Anabolic Edge, 120 Tablets, From Palo Alto Labs
Palo Alto Labs

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  • Anabolic Edge, 120 Tablets, From Palo Alto Labs

Anabolic Edge, 120 Tablets, From Palo Alto Labs

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Anabolic Edge Promote Muscle Growth And Enhance Your Body's Muscular Endurance!

Letís face it. Your body hates extra muscle. While muscle is required for function, mobility, strength, and protection, it takes an awful amount of time and energy to build and maintain real muscle mass. In order to boost muscle mass, the body requires more protein and sleep and it has to strengthen the joints, ligaments and tendons, it also takes 100 calories each day to maintain one pound of muscle. Compare that to the bodyís favorite tissue: fat, the most dense source of stored energy and a reserve fuel tank for the body in time of crisis. The body loves fat; itís easy to store, easy to maintain, and one pound of fat is 3500 extra calories for a rainy day.

Your bodyís main goal is to maintain homeostasis (stability) throughout the day. When the body is stressed or influenced by external stimuli, it immediately releases hormones to counter the stressor or stimuli and bounce back to its optimal state of stability. But itís impossible to pack on muscle without swaying the balance away from the norm and into the Anabolic zone. In order to keep growing in size and strength, its imperative that you maintain the Anabolic zone, but all it takes is a bad day in the gym or a hiccup in your diet to swing your body out of the Anabolic zone and into catabolism, the state in which your body will actually break-down and consume your valued muscle tissue for energy.