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Incarnate, 180 Capsules, From Palo Alto Labs
Palo Alto Labs

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  • Incarnate, 180 Capsules, From Palo Alto Labs

Incarnate, 180 Capsules, From Palo Alto Labs

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Incarnate Promotes Lean Tissue Gains And Muscle Recovery! Ever wondered what makes world class athletes as explosive, massive and dominating as what they are? The simple answer is a much higher ratio of explosive fast twitch muscle fibers to endurance driving slow twitch muscle fibers compared to the average or good athlete. It's a cold hard fact that only 1% of people are born with the genetics to be a pro-athlete or competitive bodybuilder. This elite group was born with a significantly higher percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers, allowing them to get stronger, run faster and put on leaner, denser muscle than you. Unfortunately we don't have the ability to change our own genetics, but we certainly have the ability to dramatically enhance them and force them to perform at their absolute peak levels. If you've ever felt that you were overmatched by other bodybuilders or athletes because of "better genetics", then listen up. Now is the time to finally level the playing field. Introducing Incarnate, the ground-breaking new product designed to radically augment explosive performance, promote extreme muscle growth, strength and endurance while encouraging joint, ligament and muscle recovery through the Introduction of ketosterones and the substantial boosting of Carnosine levels in fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscle fibers are the explosive power plants in our muscles that allow us to pack on ultra dense muscle quickly or outrun another player down the field. The greater the ratio of fast twitch fibers to slow twitch fibers determines how powerful and muscular we can become. The ultimate goal of people with normal genetics must be to train their existing levels of Fast Twitch fibers to their peak levels. The ability to effectively train our muscles is greatly controlled by the Carnosine levels in these muscles. Increased levels of Carnosine in fast twitch muscle fibers act as buffers and aid in dramatically slowing down metabolic acidosis which is the leading cause of muscle fatigue - the killer of the intensity and duration of your workout sessions. Science Behind the Beast Step 1: Fast-Twitch Muscle Amplifier
Incarnate saturates your existing fast twitch muscle fibers with Carnosine, delaying metabolic acidosis (the biological process behind muscle fatigue) which allows you to train at much higher intensity levels and for much longer duration. Two recent clinical studies have shown that supplementation with the key components of incarnate enables athletes to increase strength by more than 70% compared to creatine while increasing maximum workload and intensity by more than 16%.Another clinical study of Carnosine supplementation versus Creatine supplementation has shown that Carnosine boosting of fast twitch muscle fibers produces 193% greater gains in lean muscle mass compared to creatine alone. So what does this all mean? In short, use of Incarnate will translate to amazing gains in size, strength and explosive power. Step 2: Anabolic Activator - Stimulates Joint & Ligament Recovery
Incarnate introduces ketosterones, a potent steroidal like compound, that stimulates anabolic activity and produces increased muscle growth, all the while promoting an ideal environment for ligament, tendons, bone tissue and joint support. When training with Incarnate you will be able to train longer, push your body through exhaustion and pump out those extra reps that you could never do before. Incarnate will help you break through those infuriating training plateaus by allowing you to blast through fatigue and train longer and harder. So now you're rapidly building more muscle mass and power, but what about those little connectors that we call joints, tendons and ligaments? Injuries are the black sheep of sports... leaving you on the sideline and keeping you from the iron or playing field for days, even weeks. Unfortunately, muscle fiber grows faster and stronger than the fragile ligaments and tendons that bind muscles together in order to provide us with complex movement. Ketosterones are potent steroidal like compounds that stimulate anabolic activity, but unlike anabolic steroids, Ketosterones actually help to nourish your valuable ligament, tendons, bone tissue and joints. Incarnate promotes an environment for optimal health of joints, ligaments, and cartilage. What makes these Ketosterones so special is that they not only promote joint health but they also have anabolic properties that will help drive testosterone levels allowing you pack on lean dense mass. Ketosterones are exclusively found in Cissus Quadrangularis and Incarnate use an extremely potent version standardized to 20% Ketosterones. With Incarnate you will experience:
  • Dramatic Increases in Explosiveness & Raw Strength
  • Significant Lean Muscle Gains
  • Increased Intensity & Capacity During Workouts
  • Supported Joints & Ligaments
  • Substantially Decreased Muscle Fatigue
  • What Separates Incarnate Most companies would have stopped when they produced a product that works as effectively at increasing lean muscle mass and delaying muscle fatigue as well as Incarnate does but not us at Palo Alto Labs. We realized that by allowing the users of Incarnate to train significantly harder and longer it would put them at an increased risk of sports related injuries. In an attempt to make sure that your body can withstand the added reps and intensity produced in your Incarnate enhanced workouts we added the ultimate joint, ligament and muscle fortifier Cissus Quadrangularis. But we didn't just give you a Cissus Quadrangularis powder we secured an extract standardized to 20% ketosterones allowing for extreme fortification of your joints and muscles. The 20% ketosterones used in Incarnate is one of the highest extracts available in world. We chose to use a 20% extract because we felt it left a significant portion of the herb intact helping to keep its overall antioxidant effects. Now you can train as hard and as long you want and know that you have the proper nutrients working to help support your joints, cartilage, and muscles.