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VME, Tropical Fruit Punch Fusion, 2 lbs, From Panthera

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  • VME, Tropical Fruit Punch Fusion, 2 lbs, From Panthera

VME, Tropical Fruit Punch Fusion, 2 lbs, From Panthera

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Manufacturer : Panthera
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Trigger Intense Training & New Explosive Muscle Volume! Panthera Labs is a scientifically formulated pre-workout complex, designed to fuel & increase lean muscle. VME has combine the Amino Acid profiles of Pepto Pro and Whey Isolates to generate a powerful anabolic amino surge. This anabolic amino surge is combined with a powerful NO Primal Pump matrix (Volumizing muscle fibers) and Diamond Fire factors (Amplifying Energy & Focus). Consumption of this product in combination with resistance training, proper diet, and rest will result in the preservation and increase of lean muscle mass. Each Serving on VME Contains: 9,000 mg of Pepto Pro Nano Particulate Bi and Tri Peptide Amino Acids. Pepto Pro hydrolyzed casein amino acids are the worlds most readily digestible, most rapidly absorb able proteins. We have combined Pepto Pro Nano particulate proteins with an additional 14,000 mg of whey isolates to deliver a total of 23,000 mg (23 grams of pure Amino Surge). This product will reverse catabolism, delay catabolic onset, generate a powerful positive nitrogen balance (and it is under just such a state that lean muscle mass can be increased) and help ensure a rich anabolic vascular flow as one begins to challenge his or her physique with rigorous physical exercise. This product has been fortified with additional L-Glutamine and Taurine to further delay catabolic onset. Mix Easily & Completely.