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pH Booster 2-Step Kit, 2 x 2 oz Bottles, pHion Balance
pHion Balance

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  • pH Booster 2-Step Kit, 2 x 2 oz Bottles, pHion Balance

pH Booster 2-Step Kit, 2 x 2 oz Bottles, pHion Balance

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pHion pH Booster 2-Step Kit

  • Alkaline & Ionic Infusion.
  • For An Alkaline Body.
  • Neutralizes Excess Body Acid.
  • Promotes Overall pH Balance.

Ionize, Alkalize and Electrify your water, teas and juices! Alkaline water help flush out harmful acids from your body. pHion Booster infuses your waters with over 72 ionic minerals that neutralize damaging acids, and raises the pH of water to an optimal 9.5.

pHion Booster Highlights:

  • With 72 activated ionic minerals.
  • Best formula of liquid electrolytes available.
  • Ionizes and alkalizes.
  • Alkalizes your water to an optimal pH of 9.5.
  • Infuses your body with charged ions...the carriers of energy.
  • Tasteless and odorless.
  • Treats over 15 gallons of water.

Step 1: Ion Booster (2 oz. Bottle)
pHion's Ion Booster infuses your water with activated, ionic minerals, which is key to structuring the water in a way your body can best absorb and utilize it. Your body absorbs ionic minerals with greater efficacy than colloidal minerals, as colloids must undergo the complete processes of digestion into smaller charged particles. However, even after undergoing further digestion; your body still will not realize full absorption.

The 72 ionic minerals found in Ion Booster include:
Lithium(Li), Potassium(K), Sodium(Na), Boron(B), Bromine(Br), Chloride(Cl), Cerium(Cc), Iron(Fe), Copper(Cu), Sulfur(S), Gallium(Ga), Iridium(Ir), Praseodymium(Pr), Neodymium(Nd), Fluorine(F), Scandium(Sc), Molybdenum(Mo), Selenium(Se), Ytterbium(Yb), Carbon(C), Phosphorous(P), Tungsten(W), Bismuth(Bi), Samarium(Sm), Niobium(Nb), Ruthenium(Rh), Thorium(Th), Lanthanum(La), Titanium(Ti), Yttrium(Y), Zinc(Zn), Zirconium(Zr), Iodine(I), Thulium(Tm), Terbium(Tb), Rhodium(Rh), Dysprosium(Dy), Chromium(Cr), Silicon(Si), Europium(Eu), Erbium(Er), Manganese(Mn), Tin(Sn), Antimony(Sb), Nickel(Ni), Strontium(Sr), Cadmium(Cd), Barium(Ba), Cobalt(Co), Vanadium(V), Beryllium(Be), Cesium(Ce), Gadolinium(Gd), Germanium(Ge), Gold(Au), Hafnium(Hf), Holmium(Ho), Indium(In), Lutetium(Lu), Osmium(Os), Palladium(Pd), Platinum(Pt), Rhenium(Re), Rubidium(Rb), Silver(Ag), Tantalum(Ta), Tellurium(Te), Thallium(Tl).

Step 2: pH Booster (2 oz. Bottle)
pHion's pH Booster increases the pH of your water up to the ideal of 9.5, which is 500 times more alkaline than water with a pH of 7.0. This formula contains a special combination of hydrated potassium that additionally optimizes the dissolved oxygen levels in your water.

To get water that has all four of these traits - alkalizing, oxygenated, mineral-rich, and pure - we recommend the following protocol:
First, buy distilled water, which is completely contaminant-free. Second, add step 1 - The pHion Booster Ion Booster to a gallon of distilled (or filtered) water. Third, add step 2 - The pHion pH Booster, which not only brings the pH up to the desired 9.5, but also increases the oxygen content. Now drink at least 2.5 liters of this water a day.

pHion Booster Supplement Facts