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Menopause, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

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  • Menopause, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

Menopause, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

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Menopause, 30 Tablets, From Promensil Menopause by Promensil Novegen formerly distributed Promesil. Now Promensil is distributed in the USA by Natrol Inc. Promensil's Menopause is rapidly becoming the product of choice for both women approaching menopause and those who are currently experiencing it. Promensil's Menopause is clinically tested and Doctor recommended! Promensils's Menopause is a natural and safe alternative for relief of menopause symptoms. May Help
  • Reduce frequence of hot flashes
  • Relieve severity of hot flashes
  • Promotes
  • Breast Health
  • Heart Health
  • Emotional well being
  • Hormone balance
  • The incidence of acute menopausal symptoms and long-term post-menopausal disorders (osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease) is far greater in women in North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe compared to women in Asian, Central American and Mediterranean countries. Scientific research has found that the reason for this is due to differences in diet, and specifically in the low intake of isoflavone phytoestrogens in the Western diet. Falling estrogen levels during menopause bring physical changes requiring lifestyle adjustments that can be debilitating for some women. With increasing age and declining estrogen production, isoflavones become increasingly important, taking over the role of the body’s estrogen. This is where the unique combination of isoflavones in Promensil's Menopause is intended to help. Promensil's Menopause assists women by the supplementation of isoflavones to help manage the symptoms of menopause naturally.