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Trinovin, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

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  • Trinovin, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

Trinovin, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

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Manufacturer : Promensil
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Trinovin, 30 Tablets, From Promensil

Trinovin by Promensil

Novegen formerly distributed Promesil. Now Promensil is distributed in the USA by Natrol Inc.

Promensil Trinovin is a natural isoflavone from plants that helps maintain a healthy prostate. Trinovin is a natural Isoflavone dietary supplement that can assist in normal prostate health, urinary flow, and quality of life of men, particularly those over 50 years of age. The body of scientific evidence about the importance of Isoflavone plant compounds to humane health is growing rapidly. Dietary Isoflavones are found in Legumes such as clover, beans, and soy. Men who live in Asian, Central American, and Mediterranean countries traditionally consume vast amounts of Isoflavone-rich food. They are found more likely to maintain normal prostate and urinary health later in life when compared to western men. Trinovin is made from red clover, the world's richest source is Isoflavone plant compounds. Trinovin has been developed following extensive original research and clinical trials in men. One Triovin tablet a day provides 40mg of natural Isoflavones-more than the typically American diet provides in a week. Trinovin has a high biochain ratio and also contains the other three major dietary Isoflavones: Genistein, Daidzein, and Formononetin.