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Indigestion Stop, 60 Capsules, From Renew Life
Renew Life

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  • Indigestion Stop, 60 Capsules, From Renew Life

Indigestion Stop, 60 Capsules, From Renew Life

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  • Fast Acting
  • Betaine HCl, Plant Enzymes & Soothing Herbs
  • Helps Prevent Occasional Heartburn
  • Relieves Occasional Indigestion
  • New Stronger Formula
  • Gluten Free
  • Stop Indigestion Before it Starts
    Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach and plays an important role in digesting protein foods. However, HCl levels can become deficient with factors such as age, stress, and poor diet. When levels of hydrochloric acid are deficient, your body may be unable to thoroughly digest protein and may experience occasional indigestion, heartburn and sour stomach. IndigestionStop is a powerful digestive enzyme blend formulated to help break down a wide variety of foods and enhance nutrient absorption. Added herbal ingredients help soothe and nourish the intestinal tract. IndigestionStop combines betaine HCl with enzymes and additional herbal ingredients for more complete digestion. Betaine Hydrochloride: HCl plays a crucial role in protein digestion. When HCl levels are deficient, protein may not be broken down properly and indigestion may occur. Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase: Powerful plant-derived enzymes help digest proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vegetable fiber by breaking them into smaller particles more easily absorbed by the body. Ginger and Gentian: Natural enzyme supplements help stimulate the digestive process by initiating the flow of digestive fluids. Together they help ease feelings of nausea and sour stomach and may also help prevent occasional gas and bloating. Meadowsweet Herb and Peppermint: Meadowsweet has natural antacid properties shown to soothe and protect the lining of the digestive tract. Peppermint aids in digestion by helping to calm the stomach and prevent occasional nausea and heartburn.