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Renew Life Norwegian Gold Ultimate Fish Oils, First Omega, Natural Orange Flavor, 60 Fish Gels
Renew Life

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  • Renew Life Norwegian Gold Ultimate Fish Oils, First Omega, Natural Orange Flavor, 60 Fish Gels

Renew Life Norwegian Gold Ultimate Fish Oils, First Omega, Natural Orange Flavor, 60 Fish Gels

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3X More Absorption than an Uncoated Capsule
Easy to Swallow Size
Your First Omega-3
One a Day
Dietary Supplement
Purity &
IFOS Third-Party Tested & Certified
Quality and Purity Guaranteed
Ultimate Fish Oils
Burp-Free Enteric Coating
Lipase-Enhanced Digestion
Pharmaceutical-Grade Purity
What Makes Norwegian Gold The Ultimate Omega-3 Fish Oils?
High Concentrations of molecularly distilled Omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.
Ultimate purity & freshness exceeding or meeting world standards. Sourced from smaller, unthreatened wild fish from cold, pristine waters.
Burp-free enteric coating targeting the release of the Omega-3s directly to the intestines for 3x more absorption.
Lipase-enhanced digestionfor better absorption. This natural fat-splitting enzyme helps the body utilize these beneficial Omega-3s.
Fresh-assure blue glass bottle and dark capsule seals in freshness and shields the pristine oils from the harmful effects of light.
100% fish-derived gel caps ideal for fish-eating vegetarians and other who wish to avoid animal-based gelatin softgels.
International Fish Oil Standards
The IFOS program is a world leader in Omega-3 testing, ensuring Norwegian Gold oils meet or surpass all world pharmaceutical standards-including NMS (Norwegian Medicinal Standard)-for freshness, purity, potency.
How Does Norwegian Gold Deliver 3X more Omega-3 Absorption?
1 Norwegian Gold Enteric-coated fish gel = 3 uncoated softgels
Enteric-Coated Targeted Release means less exposure of the fish oils to harsh stomach acids and more Omega-3 delivery to the intestines.
Digestion Enhanced with Lipase further aiding in Omega-3 absorption. Lipase is critical for complete oil digestion, yet most other fish oils lack this powerful fat-splitting enzyme.
First Omega Burp-Free Guarantee: Many fish oils cause a fishy burp or 'repeat' but our unique Ultragest Technology ensures more complete digestion to help prevent any unpleasant repeat, odor or intestinal discomfort. Lipase for Enhanced digestion, Enteric-coated for intestinal delivery, 3X better absorption.
Health Benefits of Omega-3
Essential Fatty Acids like the Omega-3s in ReNew Life's Norwegian Gold oils are natural substances your body needs to maintain optimum health. Extensive research links this type of Omega-3 to the heart, brain, eyes, joints and skin. Because the typical American diet is lacking in these vital fatty acids, supplementation with natural fish oils is an ideal source for Omega-3s.
Norwegian Gold Omega-3 Fish Oils from ReNew Life surpass all world standards to bring you the ultimate in freshness and purity. Backed by rigorous quality systems and testing, they are free of mercury, PCBs and other harmful contaminants, so all you receive is the superior natural benefits of the purest fish oils on earth.
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