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Redefine Nutrition PCT Revolution Black, 60 Capsules
Redefine Nutrition

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  • Redefine Nutrition PCT Revolution Black, 60 Capsules

Redefine Nutrition PCT Revolution Black, 60 Capsules

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PCT Revolution Black by FinaFlex: Black Series 60 Capsules Advanced Complete Post Cycle Therapy! Product Highlights:

Black Series 60 Capsules Revitalize Energy Levels! Black Series 60 Capsules Cardiovascular Support! Black Series 60 Capsules Restore Liver Enzymes! Black Series 60 Capsules Amplify ! Black Series 60 Capsules Block Estrogen! Black Series 60 Capsules Shield Prostate!

Black Series 60 Capsules ReDefine Nutrition's PCT Revolution Black is the most pivotal advancement in Post Cycle Therapy that has ever been introduced! By combining five essential pieces into the PCT puzzle, ReDefine Nutrition has raised the bar in Legal Post Cycle Therapy with the introduction of PCT Revolution Black. When taken as directed, PCT Revolution Black will revitalize levels, leading to increased energy, strength, and sex drive!

Black Series 60 Capsules The NEW PCT Revolution Black is built with Arimistane™, a revolutionary new legal aromatase inhibitor unmatched in its effectiveness in battling the war on estrogen. Taken as directed, PCT Revolution™ will revitalize levels leading to increased energy, strength, and sex drive.* Battling The War Against Estrogen

Black Series 60 Capsules We have all heard people brag about sh*t in the gym...from countless unverified 1 Rep Maxes to the old man who says he used to be as jacked as you are when he was younger (yeah right gramps). One thing that I have NEVER heard someone brag about though is an elevated estrogen level. Let’s face it, elevated estrogen levels are not something to be proud of, especially in the gym. All joking aside, let’s talk about estrogen for a minute and discuss its role in bodybuilding.

Estrogen, like , is a hormone that is important in human development, contributing to the development of secondary sex characteristics. ESTROGEN makes a woman a woman. makes a man a man.

Too much estrogen can negatively impact performance in the gym.

The optimal environment for muscle growth in the body is created by effectively managing estrogen and maximizing and luteinizing hormones (LH).

Redefine Nutrition introduces Arimistane™, a revolutionary new aromatase inhibitor (AI) that effectively manages estrogen while maximizing levels! Ingredient Overview

Amplification Blend:

D-Aspartic Acid has been shown in human studies to boost natural in human males in 12 days. Fenugreek has demonstrated a significant effect on aspects of libido and works to maintain levels.

Cardiovascular Support:

Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10 have proven to be a one-two punch managing HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. Increase circulation and ease of passage of blood through heart valves

Liver Enzyme Matrix:

Powerful combination of NAC and Silymarin helps detoxify liver and restore healthy liver enzyme levels. Silymarin has also been shown to protect the liver from toxins.

Prostate Shield:

Pygeum Africanum is known to control the growth of the prostate gland, and has been identified as the first naturally occurring ingredient to do so. Real levels of Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Stinging Nettle, and Selenium make this a complete prostate shield. Trust PCT Revolution as your complete Post Cycle Product!

Active Ingredient, Arimistane™:

Arimistane™ is a potent aromatase inhibitor (AI) that works to decrease circulating levels of estrogen in the body.

Arimistane™ reduces the amount of androgens in the body that can convert into estrogen by acting as a suicide inhibitor, effectively binding to the aromatase enzyme and creating an irreversible reaction.

Arimistane™ has exhibited a superior binding affinity over other AIs to the aromatase enzyme, leading to a greater ability in shutting down the active enzyme. Binding affinity is measured in Ki value, which indicates how well the aromatase inhibitor binds to the aromatase enzyme. See graph to left...

Use Arimistane™ to effectively manage estrogen and increase this is something to brag about!