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Triple Strength Fish Fats, Super Omega 3, 60 Softgels, 1350mg, By SAN
SAN Nutrition

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  • Triple Strength Fish Fats, Super Omega 3, 60 Softgels, 1350mg, By SAN

Triple Strength Fish Fats, Super Omega 3, 60 Softgels, 1350mg, By SAN

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Fish Fats Supports Heart Health, Improved Memory And Concentration! The human organism needs adequate fatty acids to survive the daily bodily processes. Omega-3 fish fat fish oil fatty acids that are usually obtained from cold-water fish or flax seed oil have demonstrated in clinical research to thwart the production of inflammatory mediators, such as bad prostaglandins. Omega-3's fish fat fish oil are best measured for its active EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) content and not to be mistaken with the total fill weight of the average fish fat fish oil capsule found in the super markets. Since the western diet primarily consists of omega 6's and 9's (meat and vegetable oils) it becomes vitally important for those who are interested in offsetting bad prostaglandin production to consume extra Omega-3's fish fat fish oil that are rich in EPA and DHA content. Yes, what you eat can contribute to the production of inflammatory cytokines. Recent clinical research demonstrated, that population groups who consumed large amount of fish fat fish oil had considerably less heart and circulatory problems than those who eat none. It was concluded that the EPA and DHA content in these fish provided the necessary substrates for the beneficial health effects. SAN fish fat fish oil - Focus, Concentration & Memory
Fish fat fish oil Behavioral and concentration problems in young adults are associated with the active DHA content in the blood plasma. Dyslexics showed remarkable improvement while supplementing EFA's that were rich in DHA and EPA fatty acids. The most interesting study we came across - noted, that individuals with disorders in perception and thought process improved while supplementing an extra 3-5 grams of EPA and DHA daily. Fish fat Fish oil DHA is a structural component of the central nervous system. It is also known that Fish fat fish oil DHA is a responsible substrate in facilitating optimum brain and eye development and therefore essential for pregnant women and young children. On a side-note, it was documented that the breast milk of the average American women is the lowest in the world. Advantages of SAN's Triple Strength Fish Fats Fish Oil over regular fish oil capsules:
  • Fish Fats Fish Oil 100% safe and free of cholesterol, pesticide, mercury, PCB & heavy metals.
  • SAN Fish Fats Fish oil 250% more EPA & DHA content over regular SAN Fish Fats fish oil capsules. This translates to less unnecessary fat consumption (most fish capsules are only made up of 30% EPA & DHA and therefore possess a lot more by-products such as saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, heavy metals & mercury) to obtain adequate EPA & DHA levels in the body.
  • SAN's Triple Strength Fish Fats Fish oil exclusively uses Nordic Fish Oils in order to provide properly treated material that is 100% contaminant free.
  • Each serving of fish fats is fortified with Vitamin E to protect the molecular integrity of the pure and sterile fish oil matrix.
  • Fish Fats Fish oil 100% bioavailable, easy to use and deodorized, so no fishy "repeats."
  • SAN's Pharma Fish Fats Fish oil Matrix contains the world's highest levels of EPA and DHA content in one single tasteless serving. With over 877mg (or 65%) of both EPA & DHA per one easy-to-swallow soft gel, SAN's Triple Stregnth Fish Fats Fish oil represent lipids for the next millennium.