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Sinfive Ilo Candy Floss Vibrator

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  • Sinfive Ilo Candy Floss Vibrator

Sinfive Ilo Candy Floss Vibrator

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Manufacturer : Sinfive
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Sinfive Ilo Candy Floss Vibrator

The name SINFIVE is inspired by the fifth, and probably the most intimate, deadly sin lust. SINFIVE marries fashion, pleasure and quality into one gorgeous package.This unique line of toys, made in Germany, is thoughtful down to every detail.

The exceptional shape of this massager, with its symmetrical curves forming a neck in the middle, is uncompromising and intense, like a true tool of love. The cross-shaped tip distributes the vibrations across a wider surface, thereby making them even more exciting.

All toys are made of medical-grade Theroplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is body-safe, odorless, smooth, easy-to-clean, does not attract dust or lint and even recyclable! (Finally a toy good for the environment!) Each vibrator has 5 speed levels, 2 pulse patterns and one shuffle pattern sequence. The motors and materials are such high quality, every toy has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, which is longer than any other adult toy on the market!

Each vibrator comes with 2 Alkaline batteries. All toys are quiet and completely waterproof. Safe to use withal lubricants (water-based and silicone) and available in a gorgeous array of colors and styles to choose from. All vibrators 8.2 length.