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Phosphatidyl Choline in Lecithin, 180 Softgels, 420mg, From Source Natural
Source Naturals

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  • Phosphatidyl Choline in Lecithin, 180 Softgels, 420mg, From Source Natural

Phosphatidyl Choline in Lecithin, 180 Softgels, 420mg, From Source Natural

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Phosphatidyl Choline is the active ingredient in lecithin. Lecithin is a fatty substance that is needed for a wide variety of crucial bodily functions, such as building cell membranes and helping nutrients move in and out of cells. Phosphatidyl choline, which is an important source of the B vitamin Choline, only comprises about 15% of the lecithin that we derive from natural food sources; however, lecithin supplements can contain a wide range of between 10% to 98% of this active ingredient. The higher the concentration, the more expensive the supplement.

Phosphatidyl Choline is a naturally occurring molecule that is composed of choline, phosphoric acid and hydrocarbons. It is one of several phophorus-containing lipids that form the structural elements of all cell membranes in the body. Source Naturals Phosphatidyl Choline provides premium quality and potency. This product has been concentrated to contain 3 times the phosphatidyl choline found in ordinary lecithin. This special soy lecithin also contains phosphatidyl inositol, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, and related phosphorus-containing lipids.

Lecithin is a naturally occurring substance found in every cell of the human body, especially in the kidney, brain and endocrine glands. It is made up of a mixture of compounds known as phospholipids or phosphatides. Our bodies use lecithin very rapidly for a multitude of functions and even though we are able to manufacture our own supply within our systems, we cannot always produce it at the required levels. We may need to 'top up' our supplies regularly if we are to receive all the benefits lecithin has to offer. The soya bean, naturally abundant in lecithin, is the most common source available to us.

Lecithin has often been referred to as a nerve food, because of the role played by its main constituent, phosphatidyl choline. Phosphatidyl choline is necessary for the body's natural production of acetycholine, which provides the necessary 'spark' to nerve endings throughout the body, conducting nervous impulses and assuring the brain receives body messages. Without an adequate supply of lecithin the body's nerve system may become over tense.

For this reason phosphatidyl choline is sometimes used in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres where patients are often found to be deficient in brain neurotransmitters.


The brain's use of phosphatidyl choline is not restricted to physical messages. It may also be useful for enhancing memory and promoting clear thinking.

Lecithin makes up 28 percent of brain matter (though this may be much less in retarded people). Dietary deficiencies and the brain's rapid use of lecithin may result in a slowing down of thought processes and occasional forgetfulness. Supplementation with lecithin may help to overcome some of those difficulties.

Lecithin may be of some benefit to those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and can be used to assist in the treatment of other brain disorders such as manic depression.

The ability of phosphatidyl choline to break down fatty deposits in the bloodstream may make it invaluable to those suffering from arteriosclerosis, gall-bladder and heart disease. Certainly in countries where the soya bean forms part of the staple diet, the incidence of cholesterol related diseases are fewer.

By emulsifying unwanted fats, phosphatidyl choline may effectively increase blood circulation. It also assists in the absorption of important fat soluble vitamins, A, E, D and K, ensuring the body is able to utilise them to receive the maximum benefits they bring.

Through its action of drawing fats into the bloodstream, these unwanted fats are burned up, increasing energy and avoiding build-up of unsightly bulges.