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Aqualyze, Herbal Diuretic, 50 Capsules, By Species Nutrition
Species Nutrition

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  • Aqualyze, Herbal Diuretic, 50 Capsules, By Species Nutrition

Aqualyze, Herbal Diuretic, 50 Capsules, By Species Nutrition

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Aqualyze, Herbal Diuretic, 50 Capsules, From Species Nutrition Aqualyze Herbal DiureticAqualyze, Herbal Diuretic, 50 Capsules, From Species NutritionAqualyze uses all-natural vitamins and herbs to help rid the body of excess subcutaneous water. Aqualyze Herbal DiureticWhether preparing for an important photo shoot, looking to compete in a physique competition, or just feeling a little bloated during that time of the month, AQUALYZE gives your body that tight, shrink-wrapped, appearance you�ve been looking for.

Product Highlights: Aqualyze Herbal DiureticRelieves temporary water retention Aqualyze Herbal Diuretic Supports healthy kidney function Aqualyze Herbal Diuretic Tightens loose skin Aqualyze Herbal Diuretic Maintains proper electrolyte balance (potassium sparing)

About Species Nutrition

Aqualyze Herbal Diuretic The Species Line Of Products Will Continue To Champion Original Thinking And Will Carry That Thought Process To Its Logical Conclusion In The Form Of An Entire Line Of Unique Supplements That Will Strictly Adhere To My Core Nutritional Beliefs And Teachings. Remember, The Theory Of Natural Selection Insists That Only The "fit" Survive!over The Years, I've Been Asked Countless Times, "when Are You Going To Start Your Own Supplement Company," And My Answer Has Always Been The Same: "when I Have An Original Idea!" After Extolling The Virtues Of Non-stimulant Based Fat Burners For The Last 10 Years, I Finally Discovered A Synergism Of Compounds That I Felt Was Worthy Of Bearing My Name And Reputation. It Was From This Great Invisible Vision That The Species Line Of Fat Burners Was Made A Physical Reality. Lipolyze And Somalyze Were The Synthesis Of Years Of Trial And Error; Using Myself And My Clients As Guinea Pigs To Uncover The Ideal Qualities And Quantities Of Ingredients That Would Yield Superior Fat Burning Effects. What Has Been Produced Is Nothing Less Than Miraculous.

Recomnded use Aqualyze Herbal DiureticTake 1 capsule 2 to 3 times per day with 10-12oz of water. For best results, use for 1 to 7 days. Do not exceed 2 weeks of continuous use. Always check with a knowledgeable physician or health care practitioner before using any dietary supplement.