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Carbolyze, Fruit Punch, 4.4 lbs, By Species Nutrition
Species Nutrition

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  • Carbolyze, Fruit Punch, 4.4 lbs, By Species Nutrition

Carbolyze, Fruit Punch, 4.4 lbs, By Species Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Species Nutrition
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Carbolyze has the unique ability to rapidly shuttle nutrients, as well as other performance supplements (e.g. creatine), through the stomach and into the bloodstream where they are then delivered directly to the working muscles to boost performance, increase recovery time, and stimulate protein synthesis. Welcome to the future of carbohydrate replacement drinks! CARBOLYZE contains two key recuperative ingredients: Waxy maize starch is a long-chain, high molecular weight, carbohydrate that's 100 times larger than maltodextrin and 3000 times bigger than dextrose. Waxy maize starch is sugar-free, yet moves through the stomach 80% faster than either dextrose or maltodextrin and helps facilitate rapid glycogen resynthesis and nutrient uptake into the muscles. Gone are the days of bloating and cramping! D-Ribose is a naturally occurring 5-pentose carbohydrate molecule that's found in all living cells and that helps facilitate the production of ATP (the primary energy source for all cellular processes).
  • No Bloating, No Cramps, No Stomach Upset
  • 39 gm Muscle - Restoring Carbohydrate Per Scoop
  • Most potent post - workout supplement available