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Sportline Calorie, Step, Distance Pedometer

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  • Sportline Calorie, Step, Distance Pedometer

Sportline Calorie, Step, Distance Pedometer

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Sportline Pewter 345 Calorie, Step, Distance Pedometer with APD Accurate

Sportline Calorie Step It's good to be well balanced. Sportline 345 Step, Distance and Calorie Pedometer fitness walking device will give you all the information you need to monitor effective physical activity: how many steps, how much distance and how many calories burned. Sportline Calorie Step And, with a unique, easy to read flip-up LCD designed specifically for walkers, runners and hikers, you'll have all the tools you need right at your fingertips with Sportline's 345 Calorie, Step, Distance Pedometer.

What is the Advanced Pendulum Design (APD Accurate)? Sportline Calorie Step The APD is a patented pedometer counting technology designed for precise step and distance measurement. This unique design utilizes highly conductive, gold-plated components assembled in a protective casing to ensure consistent and unsurpassed accuracy.

Sportline 345 Pedometer Key Features: Sportline Calorie Step Accurately counts steps to 99,999. Sportline Calorie Step Accurately measures walking, hiking, & running distance. Sportline Calorie Step Measures calories burned. Sportline Calorie Step Records distance up to 100 miles/km with 1/1000 mile/km accuracy. Sportline Calorie Step Large, easy to read flip display with accurate clock feature. Sportline Calorie Step Displays distance in miles or kilometers. Sportline Calorie Step Data can be entered in feet, centi-meters, & pounds and kilograms. Sportline Calorie Step Unit flips up for easy viewing. Sportline Calorie Step Easy-view display. Sportline Calorie Step Spring loaded belt clip. Sportline Calorie Step Battery included.

Pedometers Powered by proprietary monitoring technologies and state of the art designs, Sportline Pedometers deliver unmatched performance and accuracy.

Benefits of Walking:

Why Walking? It's the most popular participation sport in the world. It doesn't take any special skills, advanced condition, special equipment or clothing. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, comfortable clothes and a pedometer. So, why wait? Join the movement.


Burns almost as many calories as jogging Eases back pain Slims your waist Reduces heart attack risk Slows down osteoporosis bone loss And more!

Walking Do's and Dont's:

See a doctor. Talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program and get a physical. Drink water. Drink before, during and after walking, especially on hot and humid days. Eat well. Avoid junk food and all products with high fat and cholesterol. Eat three moderately sized meals a day. Choose a smooth, level walking surface. Less fatigue, fewer injuries. Better all around.


Continue walking if you have chest pains, are overly tired, dizzy, feel pain or experience shortness of breath. See a doctor. Walk right after or before meals. Wait two hours after eating to start walking and don't eat for at least 2 minutes after walking. Walk outdoors if it is extremely hot, cold or humid. Try walking inside on a track or in a mall. Walk on ice or during a lightning storm. Head for cover (but not under a tree).

10,000 Steps a Day Want to feel better? Want to have more energy? Want to enjoy life more every day? Make it a habit. With the 10,000 Steps a Day program, you can start walking your way to improved health and endurance one step at a time. Your Sportline pedometer can help you keep track of your progress and motivate you to achieve your goal. It's normal for your step totals to vary from day to day, so it's recommended to add up your weekly, not daily, totals.

Join The Movement At Sportline, this one idea has driven their growth over the last twenty years. Every day, there are opportunities to improve our fitness and overall wellness. That's why, every step of the way, founders Larry Livingston and Don McClelland kept a vision of simple, performance-rich products that provide unsurpassed accuracy but also fit into your daily lifestyle. From Sportline's start as a small specialty sport timing brand to their current position as a global leader in fitness monitoring instruments, Sportline has provided you with the tools that help you stay motivated and informed in your personal efforts to join the movement.